My pal Patrick Henry is very gifted. It feels really good to help bring his art out into the open. I’ve orchestrated a lengthy interview with him, which you can enjoy below. If you connect with his work and would like to commission him to make something, head over to his Fiverr account. The top caption reads, “I will draw you a 30 minute psychedelic/surreal picture for $5”..

DD Whatsup Patrick? This is your first interview, and I’m happy it’s for Disco Droppings.

PH Just sitting here listening to some deadmau5. Glad to be recognized here.

DD Now I’ve gotten to know you for a little while now over in Pullman, Washington. I’ve seen quite a few of your pieces, and watched you make stuff from scratch at our little parties. How long have you been interested in drawing?

PH Probably around 15 years. I remember when I was like 5 or 6 I would mess around with watercolors and draw stick people and other weird things. I just recently started to take my art very seriously though.

DD And how long have you been developing this particular style I’m featuring?

PH I didn’t start drawing in that particular style until around December of 2011 I believe.

DD It’s really fucking cool. So intricate, reminds me of Adventure Time. Like, what the characters dreams might look like or something.

PH Well thank you. I believe the artists on that show have experimented with psychedelic plains of consciousness much like I have. That is actually when my art started to become more intricate. I was really into drawing animals and various creatures before that.

DD It’s rad to see artists take those kinds of experiences and create something for others to take in and enjoy. Regardless of if those people partake in these psychedelic activities themselves.

PH I definitely agree. Regardless of if people take psychedelics or not, many people have felt a connection to my art, which I really enjoy. I’ve even shown my grandma my art, and she was really impressed by it.

DD Any especially memorable things people have said about your art?

PH I recall one night after I got back from a rave in Portland, Oregon, I went over to a friend of a friend’s place and I was just hanging out with a bunch of people. To break the ice, I asked everyone if they wanted to see something cool, so I got out my cell phone and showed everyone in the group my art. Everyone in the group was pretty much blown away. My friend Jesse told me, “dude, you seriously need to show this to everyone you ever meet”. Probably one of the best compliments I have ever received.

DD Well I’m glad you’re sharing it with people, you’re very talented. We can both relate, trying to establish ourselves in different ways. What are some of the challenges you’re coming across? As you progress as an artist..

PH Thanks. Hmmm, I would say that it is always difficult to incorporate new details and symbols into my art. I always try to make every new piece unique, but it is difficult when you get used to constantly drawing in a specific style. I would say that realism has always been a challenge for me. I have never been very good at drawing people, so I kind of shy away from that. Someday I will likely try to work on that.

DD And who are some artists that you get hyped on? These can be music related or people in your field of drawing/graphic design that you pull inspiration from.

PH As far as graphic design goes, Alex Grey has been a huge inspiration for me. He has done album art for the band Tool who are one of my favorite groups of musicians. His work is so intricate and his vision is so precise that I am constantly in awe of his work. Other graphic artists that really blow me away are Marc Gosselin, Bernard Dumaine, Elle Gottzi, and Luca Rossi to name a few. As far as musicians go, of course Tool, Incubus, Chevelle, Led Zeppelin, Feed Me, Nero, Porter Robinson…I could go on and on. Haha.


DD Rad, rad. Well, we’ve gotten to know you a bit through this interview. I hope it encourages you to continue with your art. Any last words?

PH Oh definitely! Hmm, I would say if you’re an artist of any kind, whether you are a musician, a painter, or a poet, don’t ever give up on your dreams, because one day all of your hard work will pay off.

Patrick Henry – Twitter Deviant Art

– Jimi Jaxon