The Garage. This will be the name of a new indoor skate park in Everett, Wa, if the proper funds are raised. I am no skateboarder by any means at all. I remember dabbling in it for a second, and then I saw MTV’s “Scarred” and I was done. Personally as an artist, I gotta protect my hands, but I appreciate extracurricular opportunities being provided for youth. I have friends that are involved with this Kickstarter project to Open The Garage; including Jordan Sanchez (orchestrator, skateboarder), Brian Sanchez (The gifted painter, skateboarder and graphic designer who made my Disco Droppings logo and tri-force-esque tattoo that now is used as my artist symbol) and Dalek Sanchez (Brian’s son). 

In Jordan’s words, “For kids, I believe this activity (skateboarding) can play a huge role in the development of a variety of positive traits. I know that skateboarding from childhood has made me a more dedicated, loyal, patient, quick thinking, understanding, and hardworking person. To be a progressive skateboarder, you have to have these attributes, anything less and you would give up on skateboarding completely..The younger generation in this area are more excited about skateboarding then ever before. On any given day you can find the local skateparks packed to the brim with young minds hard at work on their skateboards. The only problem is, these parks are all outdoors and located in one of the wettest states in the US. That means, when it rains there is nowhere for kids to skate, while staying dry. But this can change with your help!”. 


As of today, the “Open The Garage” crew has 18 days to reach their $15,000 goal. They currently are very close with $13,848 pledged. This project is made possible through Kickstarter. If you are unfamiliar with this organization, they are a funding platform for creative projects. Users put forth an idea, a dollar amount needed to realize this idea and a time frame to raise the money by. Anyone can pledge money to their cause, and if their goal is reached in time, the transactions go through. It’s a rad idea, allowing people to pledge money while stating that if the projects goal is not met in the time frame decided, no money will be taken from the pledgers. 

You can head to their Kickstarter project via the link above to pledge money, if you feel so inclined. 

– Jimi Jaxon