Imogen Heap has one of the most beautiful voices in modern music. I hadn’t kept up with her much since her Speak For Yourself album in 2005. Going back to some of those songs, I remember why I connected with her so easily.


My buddy and I were wandering around the DJ Tech Tools site, and came across an article titled “Video: Imogen Heap’s Ableton-Controlling Gloves”. I was like, “Oh, Imogen Heap! Click on that!”. They posted a video featuring a demo and performance by the artist, which was originally debuted at Wired 2012 and later written about on the Wired site. Wired  2012 took place last October 25-26 in London. They stated, “It’s the next step in Wired’s mission to celebrate the ideas, innovations and people reshaping our world.”. Imogen Heap was one of the people selected to speak and perform..


(0:00-7:20 = explanation/evolution of the concept, 7:20-13:20 = talk through demo, 13:20-19:56 = performance)

Her site says it best..”The Gloves are a cutting edge experimental gestural music ware being developed today for the purpose of Imogen Heap’s studio and stage work. Using a unique gestural vocabulary, motion data-capture systems, and user interfaces to parameter functions developed by Imogen Heap and her team, artists and other users will be able to use their motion to guide computer-based digital creations. The Musical Gloves are both an instrument and a controller in effect, designed to connect the user fluidly with gear performers usually use, such as Ableton – think minority report for musicians brought to you by the DIY/maker revolution.”

I was happy to see that since April of 2012, Imogen Heap has been steadily releasing tracks for her 4th solo album entitled Heapsongs. This one has an interesting format; fans sent her everyday sound samples, which she took as inspiration for the new tracks. 1 track off the album has been released online every 2 months since last year, the whole process taking 1.5 years to be fully available. Her Soundcloud houses the tracks released so far, with links to purchase. 


Imogen Heap – Soundcloud Facebook Twitter 


– Jimi Jaxon