It’s difficult to not get excited, or at the very least intrigued when Zomby appears with new music. While being mostly a recluse in 2012, he did put out a sparse couple of tracks, including the much discussed “Devils and a characteristically dark untitled track used for French design house En Noir’s presentation of their Fall/Winter 2013 collection.

With a new 4AD album on the way, rumors of an EP and collaborations abound over the last few months, his announcement today via his Twitter account comes as his first official release in some time. The tweet simply reads  w-i-t-h-l-o-v-e.com.


This track is eerie and spacious. The fidelity of the synth pads and syncopation of the distant toms alludes to something just out of reach. In many ways this seems to foreshadow his forthcoming long player (It could be the introduction or an interlude), said to be out summer of 2013. We will just have to wait and see. 

Zomby – Facebook Twitter

– Tremel