Superheroes get me so amped up and inspired. Right now I’m reading through the Venom comics, and in the past I’ve taken in the brilliant Watchmen graphic novel/film. When I was younger I saw the Spider-Man films (love the first 2), and the X-Men films (love the first 2), but I haven’t been this excited for a superhero movie in a long time. Since watching the first teaser trailer for Man of Steel I was hooked, and the promotional ramp up to the June 14th release is being perfectly executed. The trailers get more in-depth, darker and this 13-minute special shows behind the scenes insight into the meaning of this Superman re-birth.


Combining the talents of Zack Snyder; director of Watchmen and 300 and Christopher Nolan; director of The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel is sure to be visually stunning and emotionally gripping.


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– Jimi Jaxon