Been reppin’ Acid Unicorn for a little while now. Take a look at this one man organization..

DD Whatsup Joel? I first met you when I opened the Boys Noize Records showcase. You were in the artist lounge giving out Acid Unicorn clothes. All of us dug your stuff, I remember giving my hoodie of yours to Djedjotronic who was hyped on the design. How often do you get involved with shows like this?

AU I never go to shows and give stuff away. I’m usually selling my merch or I’m wearing it. The BNR show was something different because I was really excited about the music, as a fan. I would have been there with or without t-shirts, but when I can, I like giving back to the artists who inspire me. I think BNR has a great sound right now, as a whole. Kinda crossing over between Nu-skool acid and German techno (stuff I really like) with big room electro house and fidget that the kids are into, and it works. I respect the music. The funny thing is; I kinda got the feeling that Housemeister thought I was some opportunist duche bag, just trying to get exposure.

DD Eh, he seemed like a jokester, wouldn’t take that too seriously :]  A lot of times when I see nightlife inspired clothing it’s kind of cheesy. Your work stands out as a wonderful exception. The glow in the dark element is done in a classy way, and your designs have a distinct feel. How would you describe your aesthetic for Acid Unicorn?

AU Thanks, and now that you mentioned it, I think aesthetics alone is what sets my brand apart from novelty items and souvenirs. It’s not just a neon t-shirt with a catch-phrase, I put a lot of thought and emotion into each design, and the inspiration is sincere. I started listening to Techno, Industrial, and NewWave music around ’93 and I still do, along with tons of amazing new styles currently. I take elements from my past, growing-up in the ’90s, and blend it with the future. I take a lot of risk in doing that, but it’s genuine, and I think more people are starting to get it. I’m not trying to target the rave scene, per se, I’m just being me, and some people identify with that. I’m not a business man, I’ll never be rich and I don’t really care. If all I wanted was money, I’d make shirts that say “Dub Step”, or something else popular, that I don’t really care too much about.

DD The shopping site you have is very well made, and I see lots of designs going up on your Instagram. It may look like a factory of workers at Acid Unicorn, but you do it all on your own. Could you explain how much time and effort are devoted to Acid Unicorn?

AU I started this on Halloween of 2009, and got fired from my job at a restaurant on January 2nd 2010. Since then, I’ve devoted my life to making t-shirts, and I do it all by myself. The design, the printing, the website, I even sew-in my own labels and stitch letters on hats. It’s a struggle everyday, but I love it, and it keeps me off the streets and out of trouble.

DD I’m happy to announce I’ll be modelling some of your new clothes for your site soon, with  Ivan Lesko doing the photography. I’ve also been wearing one of your tees at almost every show I’ve played at since we met..come see my set at Paradiso Festival this Saturday on the “NW Favorites” stage from 2:45-3:30, I’ll be rocking Acid Unicorn. Do you hope to increase these kinds of collaborations with artists in the future?

AU Yeah, thanks for your support and I look forward to finding the time for that shoot, It’s been a rough month. 
DD Last words?

AU Yeah, RAVE is dead; so I invented a new word. Cut and paste this word into your search engine: ΓΔVΣ

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– Jimi Jaxon