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Today marks the second group of artists announced to play Decibel Festival 2013. There are some names that jump out at me, and I want to quickly share their sounds on Disco Droppings. 

















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– Jimi Jaxon




When I first saw the lineup for Decibel Festival 2012, Actress stood out as my #1 artist to see. I insist you attend the XLR8R Presents showcase, where Actress will headline live (tix available here). His music transports my mind to bizarre and new places. Mixing techno, house, dubstep and experimental music with an other-worldly perspective, his music constantly challenges me. Genre boxes seem so limiting to what he does, and I encourage you to push off from these reference points as you listen. His album’s “R.I.P.” and “Splazsh” are distinct entities, and it would benefit you to also hear his “Hazyville” lp.  He’s an enigma of sorts; laying out a sonic environment that few come near.



I saw Teengirl Fantasy here in Seattle a little while ago at The Vera Project and was delightfully impressed. This 2-piece group from the U.S. performs live with no laptops or backing tracks. I remember being amazed at their ability to effortlessly produce their dance floor intended songs on the spot. Their off-kilter reflection of house music took me a second to get used to, but after more listens I’ve come to respect their aesthetic.



Gulls from Portland, Oregon will be opening the show. He runs Boomarm Nation; a collective of artists putting out “experimental sound system music”. Feels like a fitting way to round out this lineup. 


Decibel Festival – Facebook Twitter

– Jimi Jaxon

Actress is an artist that can put me in a such a unique mindset. I’ve given his “Splazsh” album countless listens and always marvel at the atmosphere created. He has just released his R.I.P album through Honest Jon’s Records, I don’t have it yet, but from these tracks I’ve heard via Youtube, I cannot wait to go pick it up.

His interviews with The Guardian and Dazed Digital take you deep into his vision, cheers to Actress!



P.S. If you’re in London, there will be an R.I.P launch party at Plastic People on 4/27

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– Jimi Jaxon