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For my first interview of 2015, I talk with Newaxeyes. We’ve become friends recently, and I wanted to share their mindset and energy both on the site, and at our monthly “Disco Droppings Presents” where they will headline this week. The band has donated some gif previews of their visuals, which you’ll see spread throughout the feature. Alright, let’s drop in..


DD Whatsup Newaxeyes. I feel we have been drawn together for a reason. I connected with your diverse style, and willingness to push things. Happy to have you headlining “Disco Droppings Presents” at Kremwerk on the 19th.

NWXYS Thanks very much for having us. We’re thrilled to be a part of it.

DD It’s definitely been a trip for me, spending more time with your music. You guys have mentioned trances, how do altered perceptions play a role in your art?

NWXYS We generally seek to create sounds that reach the listener at a sort of pre-intellectual level, so that there’s less interference going on and the music can be taken in more directly. When we are at our best is when we feel more or less “entranced” and when we are letting the music happen in its own way, without the constant real-time analysis that can be poisonous to a piece.


DD We’ve both been placed on a variety of music bills, where have been your favorite environments so far?

NWXYS We love to play with hip-hop beats people, psychedelic rock bands, modern composition types, performance art groups, harsh noisers, you name it. From the outset, we have always wanted to fluidly interact with a broad spectrum of styles and genres to carve our own chameleonic sound, so we’ve been happy to be invited to very disparate sorts of bills. Even better is that we tend to be received well by diverse audiences, maybe offering something atypical and challenging to the environment.

DD In addition to the music, I’m intrigued by your visual element. Tyler’s Instagram for example, definitely see an eye for catching things. And the logos and artwork you use work super well. Is this a group effort or do certain members of the band focus here?

NWXYS We all met more or less through our time at Cornish College of the Arts (Bret wasn’t a student but it sometimes felt like he might as well have been). Will was the only music student – Tyler was a photo/video art major and Jordan was in for graphic design. So it’s very natural for us to shape a visual aesthetic concurrently with the music. We’re lucky in that between the four of us we have the skill set to handle pretty much every aspect of the project. Tyler creates the majority of the photography and makes our videos. Jordan makes the logos, website, and most posters.


DD Where have your most impactful inspirations for Newaxeyes come from?

NWXYS It’s all over the place. When we started out, we were listening to a lot of Oneohtrix Point Never, Death Grips and Demdike Stare – electronic-oriented stuff that tends to be simultaneously physical and cerebral. But we all have such eclectic tastes and personal influences that it would be difficult to answer generally. From a non-musical standpoint, we are all fascinated by data, the societal effects of the Internet, and forces of power and influence hidden from public view.


FEB 19 disco droppings-01

DD Lastly, how would you describe your upcoming live set alongside Sphyramid, Raveghost, Dream Beat, David Comito and I?

NWXYS We have this super inconvenient habit of writing new material and reshaping old stuff until pretty much the day of the show, so that’s a bit hard to answer. We’ll be playing some bangers though. Being that it’s Kremwerk and Disco Droppings, we’ll possibly lean more heavily on dirty dark dance vibes.


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– Jimi Jaxon



Whatsup everyone? Very hyped to share this conversation with friend and fellow local artist, David Comito. If you’re in the Seattle area, you best be at his art show this Sunday (FB event). I won’t be missing it..

DD So with your art, is this something you’ve been doing since you were little, or was drawing something you got more interested in later?

DC I’ve been drawing all my life. Its always been my primary source of entertainment. As far as trying to sell it, that is a more recent aspect of what I do. Marketing myself takes me a bit out of my comfort zone.

DD Well you have a beautiful looking site, and I’ve seen my roommate Stefani wearing one of your shirts. It’s good to push yourself a bit. I can’t draw worth shit, so your work is especially kool to me. How long do these pieces usually take to create?

DC Thanks! It is definitely something worth doing. I’m so lucky to have friends that tell me that my work connects with them, it pushes me forward to promote myself. How long some of these pieces take all depend of different things, like my mood, or the subject or weather. Sometimes a particular piece would benefit with more attention to detail, other times it would be better with a quick and lose treatment. I think the most I’ve spent on a picture, adding all the time up would be about a day, but I do lose track of time when I work so that might not be accurate. It’s one of the things that make it hard to monetize my work. I don’t really count the time as wasted or something that needs to be reimbursed.


DD I see so much imagination in what you’re doing. Reminds me of some of the cartoons I watched growing up. Have cartoons influenced all this for you?

DC For sure they have. If you are a child of the 80’s, I think you definitely have its mark on your imagination. I think what maybe influenced me most was Jim Henson. I find myself using a lot of his visual cues and sense of humor in my work. I also have love of pen and ink and that is definitely pulled from my love of comics.

DD Speaking of comics, was it Comic-Con you went to recently?

DC I did but just as a comic fan. My favorite thing to do there is talk to the artists and look through all their work.

DD It looks really fun. Who were some of your favorite artists to interact with?

DC Dimi Macheras is a fantastic local comic book artist. He’s working on a comic right now called Guttertown that is set in future Seattle where people compete in a drug induced telekinetic beat music fight. I dig it. I also connected with Alex Pardee, his stuff was just hilarious and awesome.

DD And what’s in store for this art show in Seattle this Sunday?

DC My art will be there of course. I’ll be there to talk and answer any questions people want to ask, and I’ll have some prints and original pen and inks for sale. Really, I’m just looking forward to meeting people and talking art.


– Jimi Jaxon