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It’s Monday, and the dust slowly settles in Seattle. Decibel Festival comes to a close, and there was a lot to experience over the past five days. I felt the full spectrum of emotion, but for me things ended a bit too soon. After bank issues on Saturday night, and late late parties at Kremwerk, Rebar and Monkey Loft, I took a suppppppppper long walk back to my car. Finally crawled to my vehicle, headed home and hit the bed. Unfortunately when I woke up, I noticed that it was Monday morning, and I had missed all the Sunday shows. (゜-゜) Oops. Luckily, Nark Magazine has a show ready to go tonight (FB Event), and this headliner is more than equipped to pick up the pieces and keep the vibes movin’.


Listening to the latest incarnation of Hercules & Love Affair, a now decade long music project, there are moods people of all sorts can connect with. If your more of a solo dancer like me, there’s this strong, independent energy. You’re going there to have this personal experience with the music and deal with some shit. I don’t have much experience going to clubs or shows with a significant other, or finding one there, but on that level you’ll be set as well. Dark romance and a sexy feel comes through easily with Hercules.


I love their attitude of turning hardship into elegance. Queer collaborators of all sorts have come together over the years under the guidance of Andy Butler with different stories to tell. Through teamwork and compromise, Hercules & Love Affair has cemented all these emotions in a fun way that’s still moving.


The band are joined by Wolf & Lamb’s Navid Izadi, Bright Light Bright Light and Nark tonight at Neumos.


Hercules & Love Affair – Facebook Twitter Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon



The vibes are golden with the return of Strip Steve. It’s been a while since we last talked on Disco Droppings. He’s been appearing in my sets for quite a bit now, latest favorite being “I Bump My Head :(“. You best check out his Crowd Control EP which features that one, along with “The Funktion”. I was playing his trax the other day and thought, “this dude is so underrated around here. I should see if he wants to do another interview.” Happy to say he was down, so here we go! For all you gear porn junkies out there, this dude is for you! We also talk about Seattle, his recent fabulous Rinse Mix, Ron Hardy and what he’s got cookin’ next..


DD Hi Theo! Nice to hear from you again, what are you up to?

SS Hey man! All good around here, currently working on the second part of the << Crowd Control >> EP in Berlin. :]

DD We met in March 2012, when you played the Boysnoize Records showcase at Chop Suey. I got to open for you, and I had sooo much fun chatting with Djedjotronic and Housemeister. Fun dudes! I believe this was all of your first time’s in The Emerald City. What did you think of Seattle?

SS Yes, part of a quite big tour in which we visited many American cities for the first time, so it was super interesting. Seattle seemed super chill & fun, especially the people, but we didn’t get to stay for so long so I can’t tell you much more sadly… Ah! If I’m not mistaken, the venue was split between under aged and adults with a clear barrier, that was an odd thing for us Europeans I must say…


DD Attack Magazine went inside your studio last year. I’m not a gear head (yet), but the pictures and the energetic way you described your set-up has me really intrigued. What’s the most unconventional piece of equipment you have? 

SS Well, when I think about it I find myself working with pretty conventional equipment. The interesting thing would be how to use them in an unconventional way, how to go beyond their limited aspect (as opposed to a software like Ableton Live where you can virtually do anything). That can be anything – from chaining them without preconception of how it should be done (with FX pedals, cv or midi control etc.), to cranking the gain up to make it compress or saturate within itself before recording for example..

That’s what I love about making music with seemingly simple or limited machines, that creative will to transcend their boundaries.

DD That feature felt special. It’s intimate, taking everyone inside your music sanctuary of sorts. I imagine the person behind the songs more clearly, controlling all these machines. It looks like a world you could really get lost in..

SS It is an intimate place. And I’m very much in love with it, that’s why I felt I should share it. And yeah it’s definitely a place to get lost in. That’s really the purpose; losing a sense of reality when making music is the best feeling, and the environment plays a big role in that. My studio is like a cockpit & a playground.

DD Your Rinse Mix starts off so blissfully beautiful, bravo right off the bat. Was this your first time mixing for the station? I’m curious about what it’s like on the inside..

SS Thanks man! Yeah it was the first time, Manaré from Clekclekboom opened this Rinse France branch recently in Paris and I was there for a gig, so he offered me a 2h slow. I don’t know why but I love radio, I find it somehow romantic ahah…The studio is pretty simple, it’s just a small basement under a gallery, with a couch and some blinking internet servers.


DD Daft Punk are my biggest influence. Their Alive 2007 performance was the first electronic show I ever saw in Seattle, and that inspired me to become a DJ. This led to producing, starting Disco Droppings and eventually, connecting with you. I’m constantly thinking about their mindset when it comes to my own artistic work. You have a Ron Hardy shirt hanging in your Berlin studio, what about his life and contributions keeps you going?

SS Daft Punk was also a big influence to me. When my older brother bought Homework we were just listening to that in a loop for months… but that was way before I thought of producing. Later when I started really discovering electronic music I searched for more French House stuff, that lead to Chicago House, Ghetto House, and their origin: Disco & Funk.

I just love Ron Hardy’s shit, his tracks & edits feel somehow very advanced for his time, and you gotta check his recorded mixes, they had a certain ruffness & energy which I’m very sensitive to.

DD What’s next for Strip Steve? I hope our paths cross again!

SS A new remix for Funk D’Void out on Soma Recordings in the next few weeks, new EP’s on the way. I’ll maybe start writing a new album too soon but that’s too early to talk about it. :]

Yeah man really hope I’ll come back to Seattle someday and meet again!


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– Jimi Jaxon




This feature makes it very clear: I’m all about the vibes of Matty P. His blends of Boogie, Disco, Sophistafunk, Electro, Latin Freestyle, Italo-Disco, Detroit Techno, Classic Chicago House and Modern Soul mesmerizes me. Matty alongside Domenica, Atlee Treasure and Frankie Crescioni will soon welcome partygoers to the first “Spread Thick” night at Kremwerk. Takes place this Thursday, April 17th. As I mention in the interview below with Matty P, it has me super hyped! You will find me there, vibin’ tough. Now, onto our conversation..

DD Anyone interviewed here on Disco Droppings has my stamp of affection. But I do have to say, you Matty P stand out as a gem. I was so into your first set at Kremwerk a short while ago. I kept going up to Austin while you were playing like, “Listen to this! This is so rad!” Since then I’ve had your mixes on repeat, especially “Modern Funk & Boogie Classics”. I play it at work, driving around, in such a variety of environments, and it always just works. We’ve been getting to know each other a bit and yea, it’s a pleasure! Just gonna’ shower you with compliments first off.

MP Hey! Glad you like the vibes.

DD What’s a day in the life of Matty P?

MP Well. Starts off in the early to mid morning when I wake up and ends late at night when I go to sleep. Lots of pizza making and musical activities in the middle, with at least 1 episode of Seinfeld usually. I like to keep it simple.


DD How do you visualize “Spread Thick”? The night debuts this Thursday (April 17th) at Kremwerk; featuring Domenica, Atlee Treasure, Frankie Crescioni and yourself. What kind of mood do you plan on creating? This is the night I’ve been anticipating the most so far. :))

MP I have a long history of producing and directing underground “dances” all over the US, from loft parties in Chicago to dank warehouse parties out in philly. With “Spread Thick” I guess I’m trying to recreate those anything goes types of vibes where people from all types of scenes can come together to hear some fresh jams and get freaky.

The musical direction for the night is based around funk and the countless sub genres that go with it, but we won’t be limiting our selections to just that. The plan is just to keep it as sensual and erotic as humanly possible while still keeping it classy and sophisticated. “Talk classy, act nasty.”

DD Can you share a few tracks that encapsulate your current vision?

MP My favorite track at the moment is “Charlene” by a new Miami based group called Psychic Mirrors. This track is unbelievable, it sounds like It could be from 1983 or 2083, I can’t see it leaving my box anytime soon.


My all time favorite jam. “Soft Hoop” by Metro Area. Got that cosmopolitan street vibe that makes sense coming out a boombox in a dark alley on skid row or at a private cocktail party in a penthouse in Manhattan.


DD You were kind enough to share an upcoming Social Lovers vinyl release with me, “Call Me Up/So Right”. This is a collaboration with a few artists yes? I’ve been listening to those as well as this Side A/B tape release. Didn’t that sell out right away?

MP Yep. Social lovers is a studio group a handful of friends and I put together a few years ago in LA. I don’t know if it completely sold out right away, but it definitely went faster than I would have ever guessed. The 7″ single comes out April 29th on Cherries Record,then we’re hopefully putting out a 12″ EP in the late summer or early fall.

DD Do you feel like the music you’re putting out there and playing is more than a look to the past? I think some people could just call it retro. But your vibes seem to exist in a more timeless space..

MP I’d like to think so! Boogie has definitely passed the test of time and is currently getting better and better. You can’t really go wrong with a 4 on the floor beat and a smooth sexy bassline.

DD And lastly, how would you describe your current crew of sorts..

MP Bunch a’ good for nothin knuckleheads, I’m currently looking for a new crew.


Matty P – Soundcloud

– Jimi Jaxon