Recently I got an email from a future friend. He said he was DJ/musician who just moved to Seattle from Chicago, and that he was getting into the electronic community here. He saw my recent shows with Warp Records and Mount Kimbie, and I was happy to set up some time for us to meet face to face. In some later email exchanges, I connected with his writing style on music he loves. I asked him to send me a paragraph on something to do with music, and that maybe I would bring him onto Disco Droppings as a guest writer. This will be the first time I’ve opened up my blog to another person, so please give Tremel a warm welcome. Now I will step aside, Tremel, the floor is yours.. 

TREMEL Hotflush Recordings is a London based record label founded and still run by British electronic artist Scuba, real name Paul Rose. There are more than a handful of relevant labels releasing music these days, especially in electronic music, defining and redefining the essence and importance of what it is to be a label, but something particular recently came full circle for me with them.



A few years ago, as dubstep was just starting to make it all the way out here to the west coast of the U.S, Scuba was one of the first producers to initially get my attention. This was as I was really starting to gravitate not just to electronic music, which I’d always been interested in, but what was for me the revelation of club music. I was amazed that someone could string two records together and make it sound completely effortless. And that people still did it with vinyl! It was a while before I could even get into club nights that I realized the gravitas of the UK scene, and just how little of that was going on here in the states. But I have this very specific memory of first finding a record store that specialized in electronic music. I picked up a copy of TRG and Dub U’s Losing Marbles and wondered about this label- Hotflush- and how far away this record had come from. Venturing into all the different genres and categories, I was mystified at the things I found with obscure London addresses and “Made in the UK” printed on their packaging.  A few years and a couple cities later, filled with countless hours spent crate digging and actually learning how to play vinyl, I made it out to Decibel Festival 2012. Of the amazing shows and DJ sets I got to be a part of – the Hotflush showcase featuring Braille, George Fitzgerald and Sepalcure encapsulated everything I had experienced at the festival. The vibes and the music, the people, the visual art and the venue all left the resonating feeling that I’d found the right place to call home – Seattle. –




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