Erykah Badu is someone that fearlessly embraces change, re-inventing herself time and time again. Her aesthetic inspires the free thinkers, and the lovers of jazz, R&B, hip hop and all things soulful. For those interested in their roots, Badu exemplifies a strong appreciation of the past. Her work combines African influences, various spiritual ideologies , as well as Egyptian culture and Southern African folk traditions. To all you out there striving to bring something positive into the world, Erykah Badu is your girl. I am eagerly awaiting her performance tonight at Decibel Festival’s Renegades of Funk showcase. See Badu alongside The Cannabinoids and The Starship Connection, at The Paramount Theatre (TIX).


Never complacent, Erykah has moved into yet another untapped area. Taking a group of musicians, DJ’s and beat makers she has empowered them with an array of musical tools (3 turntables, 6 keyboards, 4 drum machines, a theramin, 8 laptops), creating an electronic orchestra of sorts. Together this crew, known as The Cannabinoids,will showcase a live remix set of Badu’s work. This is a re-imagined presentation of Erykah Badu’s diverse style and influences, centered around a concept of improvisation.

The theme of tonight’s show takes you deep inside the human brain. You may not know this, but inside your head there are cannabinoid receptors. Research has shown that these specific proteins in your brain are responsible for the euphoric effects of cannabis (“Marijuana consists of the dried flowers of Cannabis plants selectively bred to produce high levels of THC and other psychoactive cannabinoids”). Each artist on stage will become one of these cannabinoids; creating a joyous, psychedelic live hip hop extravaganza for you and friends.


As if that wasn’t enough, Erykah Badu will then head to the RBMA After Hours, to perform a DJ SET at Q (Pike & Broadway, Capitol Hill Seattle). If you missed my post mentioning Q, let me reiterate that it blows away every club in Seattle, and possibly the north west. Doors are at 2:00 am, 21+. Also on the lineup, B. Bravo with Justice & Treasure. Here’s a link to TIX


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– Jimi Jaxon