Chill 4ever with Future Dollars, of the 6BIT Collective. They got a nice lil EP out called 10,000 Didgeridoos  go listen! 

DD I love the nostalgic feel of your music, Welcome to Disco Droppings guys. I can see why Dreams and Future Dollars are on 6bit together. What got you interested in going this sonic route with your productions?

Sam Thanks. It happened kind of by accident. We both have really eclectic tastes, and in a couple places where those styles overlap, this is how it translated. We got started and then kept going. 

Jake Yeah they just kind of came about from us try to channel our wide range of influences. I really like toying with the idea of trying to sonically capture a certain feeling or memory. Sometimes it leads to something interesting. 

DD What inspires you most about being in the 6bit collective?

S For me it’s really about the enthusiasm. Those guys are some of the most excited dudes about almost all kinds of music. If we were to put out the worst, most derivative dance album, the rest of the collective would, sure, maybe try and say something, but they’d have our backs no matter what. I’m not saying they don’t have a filter for what’s good or not, they just keep a really good game face and are always really receptive to the stuff we send them.  

J I’m really into the whole production community aspect of it. We all send each other demos and shit to get feedback. Everyone is also super mature and professional about it so if they understand what you’re trying to do they’ll be completely honest with you with regards to how it can be better. And turning each other onto different shit is cool too. 


DD I listened through samples of your “10,000 Didgeridoos” EP, which was just released on April 10th, 2012. Congratulations, it’s a solid collection of songs and I like the artwork a lot. How would you describe this release? Who designed the artwork? 

S Thanks. This release is more or less the product of a few experiments. We were venturing into a lot of unchartered musical territory, like doing some of it on to reel to reel tape. We were trying to make music from a different approach than we were used to, and experimenting with aspects of the recording process that we were unfamiliar with. It really changed the end result. The artwork was done by a friend of ours, Enzo Shalom. Check him out, he’s worth it. 

J I think we tested ourselves a lot with this release. I never expected us to do a lot of the things we did with this record. DO NOT SLEEP ON ENZO SHALOM

DD Talk a bit about A Sol Mechanic, the artist you collaborated with on the “Theme From Future Dollars” track..

S Well it sort of came as a surprise. A Sol Mechanic is a childhood friend of Jake’s and they’ve made music together for years. They share and work on music across coasts all the time, so when Jake sent him an early version of “theme from,” it wasn’t entirely clear about whether this was just to listen to and give feedback or to collaborate on. A few days later he sent it back, but a longer version including vocals and a few other tracks he’d done. We both listened to it and loved the changes. We decided we were keeping it and credited him on the song.  

J Me and David (A Sol Mechanic) go way back, I think about ten or eleven years. I’m pretty sure we met while playing handball in third grade. We had been really close friends, and we learned about a lot of really important music at the same time and linked up to start a band when we were really young. Eventually we grew tired of playing three-chord punk music and wanted to start making songs that sounded like The Knife and Aphex Twin. We were like thirteen/fourteen so we didn’t really have any idea of how to do that so we bought some synths and started playing around. Today we still send each other everything we work on and I am constantly in awe by his tracks, all of them are insanely beautiful. Look out for an EP I did with him under the name Widest Turns that should be out around late summer or early fall. 


DD I applied for the Red Bull Music Academy 2012, and if I’m accepted I’ll be heading to New York for the first time. What’s it like over there? Where do you guys like to hang out/see shows? 

S We live upstate about an hour or so but if you’re in the city, you shouldn’t miss out on a visit to McSorley’s or Luke’s Lobster Roll.

J I like playing pool at Sophie’s Bar and eating Numpang with.  

DD Last words?

J S/O and Respect to tha homies.

Future Dollars – Facebook Soundcloud 

– Jimi Jaxon