Many of A-Trak’s comments in his well-written article for the Huffington Post mirror my critiques on EDC 2012 in Vegas. A lack of effort from many in the EDM scene has been noticed, and I’m happy it’s being addressed. If you’re going to play all over the world, often on huge festival stages for massive audiences, you better bring it.

His words hold a lot of weight; winner of 5 world DJ championships, former DJ for Kanye West, co-founder of Fool’s Gold Records, half of Duck Sauce and an all-around solid artist for the past 15 years. So all you DJ’s and producers out there..take notes. This is a challenging and thoughtful analysis of the current state of electronic dance music. Take it in, and contribute something memorable. Thank you Melenie for sharing this article with me.


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– Jimi Jaxon