For those venturing up to Canada for New Years Eve, this event caught my attention. In their words, “Mansion is a collective of music-lovers that devote their efforts towards throwing quality events in non-traditional settings. Our mission has been to open the city’s doors to the very best international producers/performers, support the initiative of innovate local talent and bring concepts to life that our guests have never experienced before, in spaces such as lofts, galleries, warehouses, churches, and Chinese restaurants, as well as, legitimate venues.”. The Metropolis venue for Mansion’s NYE 2013 is industrial as fuck. Perfect choice. 


I’ve said before and I’ll say it again, XI is the shit and definitely my favorite artist to bring onto Disco Droppings so far. He is incredibly underrated. The alien quality of his music draws me in on a daily basis, and his tunes have become a staple in my DJ sets. He is joined by the mighty Machinedrum, who needs no introduction. Lately he’s been running around with Jimmy Edgar; their combined efforts as Jets can be heard on this self-titled EP via Leisure System. They’ve also put together a Fact Mix. John Roman is a Toronto local, throwing down techno and tribal rhythms, two of my favorite things. 

Packages for this event are sold out, but tickets are still available HERE

– Jimi Jaxon