With Beek aka Anthonyy Badon, we connected on a personal level as well as a musical one. I was first drawn to his sassed up productions, and after having a few long conversations online, I saw someone on a similar wavelength. I think this dude is wise way beyond his years, and Disco Droppings is happy to give its full support. So if you like attitude, give it up for the fierce entity known as Beek..

DD You’re younger than I expected, and I say that in the best way. There’s so much maturity in your voice, the productions and the overall execution. I was like “whaaat this dude is only 19?!” What inspires all this energy? You’re projecting so much in a very strong way, it commands attention. 

B Well, it may sound a bit cliché, but all of the energy comes from me being so introverted as a child. I was always “the fat kid!” Nobody really paid me any attention. Once I started loosing weight and started loving myself more, I felt unstoppable. The energy and personality was always there. I just finally gained the confidence I needed to unleash it on the world.



DD There’s a large gay community over here in Seattle. I see people with style, I see attitude, but nothing as fierce as these ballroom videos. This to me, is real attitude. Dancing for their lives; ready to break their legs, ankles and whatever else to be the best. What does all this stuff mean to you? 

B Oh my goodness, without the ballroom scene I don’t even know where I would be as far as producing music goes. Amongst all other genres, Ballroom really stood out to me. The raw sound and the passion that the voguers brought to the floor gave me chills. I had never seen anything like it. Before then, I had never seen so many gay people in one room. It made me feel like I could actually fit in somewhere, and I wanted to be a part of it.


DD What would you say Beek is all about? 

B Well, Beek is a very loud and outspoken person. He’s also, all about being sexy. He says all the things that Anthonyy would be too afraid to say.



DD Would you describe yourself as a loner in your hometown? You mentioned that you never play shows there, and that people don’t really care about the kind of music you do. You also mentioned being a bit of a misfit and not connecting with a lot of the other gay dudes in your area, which I can relate to.

B Yes, I would consider myself a loner. I don’t really have many local friends at all. I could probably count them all on one hand. The gay guys in my area are all pretty much one in the same. They don’t really like anything, or anyone for that matter that’s different. And, as far as my music goes, the majority of the people here don’t understand it. And that’s okay. It’ll take some time for them to grasp it, but by then I hope to be where I need to be.

DD What’s in the works for you in 2014? 

B You should def be on the lookout for the official Qween Beat release coming very soon! As well as my own personal EP titled “Naked.”


Beek – Twitter Soundcloud Youtube Vibedeck

– Jimi Jaxon