So I was out postering recently in Seattle and walked into Wall of Sound on Capitol Hill. It’s a wonderful record shop that kindly lets artists like myself put up posters in their windows. I come in quite a bit, always spreading the news about something (lately it’s been shows at Kremwerk, and Nark’s Pride Parties coming up in the city)..

On this particular day, I heard this music playing in the store and I was instantly like..”what is this????” I was shown this album from Vtgnike called Dubna. The artwork was brilliant and the music equally intriguing.

This was on repeat for weeks after that. One of my favorite things about certain mixes or albums, and I’ve written about this before is environment versatility. It sounds rad quietly playing in the background, big and bassy, walking around town, setting up for a show, winding down, winding up…this album is a keeper. One thing I thought upon first listen was, “this is a perfect thing to listen to after Machinedrum’s Vapor City.” Try it, just a tip;)



Vtgnike – Soundcloud Facebook

– Jimi Jaxon