There are wonderful things happening in Vancouver, Canada, and HxdB is a prime example. I talk with the prolific producer about 2 releases that got me hyped. Enjoy learning about Booyant / Amphibian and Hoof Hearted / New Style ..and if they move you, pick em up!


DD The “Booyant/Amphibian” release on Tectonic is very rad. I played “Amphibian” as well as the Archie Pelago remix of “Booyant” (which is mind-blowing) in my last set, and plan to play them a whole lot more. How did working with Distal encourage and challenge you?

HX Well, Mike and I each approach production very differently, in addition to the fact we both use different sequencers. So when we actually got down to starting our collaborations in the studio, we approached it very organically. We had great synergy straight away, each person allowing the other to take the reigns when needed. We were both really flexible imposing our ideas and I think that’s why we were able to come up with 2 very unique and distinct tunes. It’s safe to say we both learned a lot from each other in terms of techniques and overall vibes. Working with another person in the studio is always an interesting challenge since you have to learn each person’s workflow and level of comfort taking and giving orders, heheh.



DD Both of us have experience managing labels, do you feel this gives you a unique perspective on the music community and how you would like to contribute to it?

HX TBH, I don’t think my perspective has changed much from when I began to now. I have always been very fortunate to have an extensive network of peers and friends creating incredible music from which to tap. Certainly, from a contribution stand-point, I am afforded the freedom to promote the sounds that move me. I really didn’t have the chance to do that before becoming involved with Gradient Audio



DD You mentioned in a past interview that a Daega Sound set, as well as Skream’s performance at a past Shambhala got you re-interested in producing. Daega Sound was on my blog a little while back, and I’ve become a huge fan of Skream recently. How do you feel these artists present their own distinct style? I dig the forthcoming Daega Sound/Kid Smpl No Northwest Cycle 2 EP #3, out now on Car Crash Set..

HX You can hear when an artist or group has “found” their groove. It is clear when you hear acts like Daega or Skream, that their brand is their sound. They stick to their guns and have a clear vision of what they would like to accomplish with their art. It’s inspiring and potent. Keep your ears peeled for a forthcoming collaboration 12″ with Daega and HxdB soon too! We’ve just wrapped up the first project and it’s VERY exciting.


DD I also enjoyed this “Hoof Hearted/New Stylee” release you did with Self Evident, out now on Palms Out Sounds. With support from Canblaster, Distal, Dubbel Dutch and Salva, that’s quite the stamp of approval. “New Stylee” is super badass, a fitting name for such a fresh and inspired track. What’s the environment like when you and Self Evident work together, compared to Distal?

HX Ben and I are like Voltron in the studio. Two, individually unique producers become a JUGGERNAUT when combined, hehehe. Seriously though, we love working together so much since our dynamic is so unique. The way we develop ideas is so natural and we’re constantly striving to push the boundaries of our individual sounds and make sure that our collaborations have their own distinct edge. We’ve just wrapped up yet another song, which is if I’m not mistaken our tenth song together! In comparison to working with Mike though, I would say it comes down to symantics. Mike is a genius when it comes to programming, where Ben is a genius when it comes to sample mining. Both are equal-parts genius when it comes to vision.

DD You opened a recent Night Slugs showcase in Vancouver. I made a point to work at their showcase for Decibel Festival last year, definitely my favorite event to witness. What’s your favorite release from them?

HX Anything by Mosca really. I just love how his songs are so incredibly meticulously designed but still have that stipped back sound. I guess you could say “Nike” is my fave….What an epic journey that song is!

DD Last words?

HX I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported me over the years. All of my wonderful friends, family and fans. All of my mentors and peers that have taught me SO much, taught me the value of being true to yourself and remaining humble. I love eveyone, especially my haters. Oh, and fuck Monsanto.


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– Jimi Jaxon