One thing you won’t see on this blog, or in my life as an artist is an attitude of exclusivity. Through the years I’ve gone through the rave scene, the Decibel scene and everything in between. I notice that in every group there can be this territorial mindset, that their community is over here and everyone else is over there. I don’t think about scenes at all, and would be happy if it all just went away. It’s all music, it’s all people dancing, feeling and creating art. There’s bad shit in every scene, and my goal is to connect the dots across the entire musical spectrum and pull the best from everything.


I was going to raves a little before the term “EDM” appeared. I saw first hand a lot of fantastic performances over time, and collected unique tracks from various producers. At this point though, that area seems to be struggling. Too much monotony, not enough imagination. To me, there’s currently a small group of innovative artists that are associated with this community. And these people may feel disillusioned with the environment their music is usually heard in. One of those people seems to be Feed Me.



After coming to prominence, on a constant incline since I first heard about him a few years ago, he’s taking the reigns and pushing his independence as an artist. It’s a smart move. He’s taken his debut album, Calamari Tuesday (Digital Release / Physical & Vinyl Release) and released it on his own new label, Sotto Voce. He’s stepped back from mau5trap, the label responsible for the bulk of Feed Me releases up to now. He’ll be investing in a group of like-minded artists for the SoVo label, building from the ground up. He’s also said that he will not tour with his new album, waiting for the proper inspiration and expanded live show.

Now, I would’ve shaved a few tracks off Calamari Tuesday. Overall though it’s confident and funky, with a fun sense of exploration. His use of melody, balance of emotion and orchestral vibes are highly inspiring.



His new mix for Mixmag is super rad, with lots of unreleased material. He’s got intense control over his tunes, and weaves around just like the badass I remember seeing at EDC Vegas 2012.

Vibe Interview

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– Jimi Jaxon