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Event Participant - Performance

About a week after I opened for Bok Bok via Decibel w/ Sounds In Silence (another dB resident DJ), he was over in New York doing this lecture for Red Bull Music Academy. I remember him mentioning a future trip to NY for this presentation, and I’m so pleased with the way it came together. Although I did an in-depth observation of his Night Slugs Infrastructure for Disco Droppings pre-show, I was very laid back with this intriguing man in person. I wasn’t able to go deeper into his mind, and talk about music and the NS aesthetic. Lucky for me, RBMA took care of that, organizing a lecture/interview running a little over an hour.


It is a true privilege to hear from Bok Bok in such a lengthy way. You’ll learn about everything from the ideal Night Slugs club environment to the beginnings of the label, the foundational grime influence, new producers to the NS family and the production manifesto for their Club Constructions series. Take notes, Night Slugs & Club Culture 101 commences.


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– Jimi Jaxon 




On Friday, July 13th 2012, I’ll be breaking in the first Standard night at Baltic Room with an opening DJ set, 9:30-10:30 (FB event).  Focusing on fresh, expansive, and at times unpredictable dance music, this monthly is tuned for audiences looking for diversity. I’ll be reppin’ my blog Disco Droppings with some personal favorites so far. Listen in for Seazo, XI, Azealia Banks, Minerva (forthcoming track on Car Crash Set), James Arctic, What So Not, some artists I’m hoping to feature in the future. I’ll also play a remix of mine from a past 7 Deadly Records release. The lineup also features Sky Rose, Ghostplay and Sounds In Silence. Come and get worked by some throbbing bass..


– Jimi Jaxon