My opinion of the sport aspect surrounding the Super Bowl was summed up in this tweet..”I heard there’s gonna be big guys running around in helmets at the Beyonce concert today”. I couldn’t care less about football. I look at the absurd amount of money poured into an event like this, and the fanaticism gushing around sports and wonder what America would look like if music took that prime spot. Vice gave more reasons to critique the Super Bowl; highlighting how this year’s event messed with Carnival, giving priority to a corporate fueled football game instead of Mardi Gras, New Orleans “oldest tradition and most reliable financial benefactor”.

Regardless of the ridiculous aspects surrounding this game, I’ve seen some incredible Halftime performances from Michael Jackson (1993),  Janet Jackson (2004), Prince (2007), and Madonna (2012). My friends can tell you how much I’ve been eagerly anticipating Beyonce’s performance this year. I’ve known of her insane talent since I was in elementary school, when Destiny’s Child dominated the radio. She’s always been the one in charge; balancing singing, dancing, style, and attitude in a way that most people don’t come near. The opening of her Halftime show featured pyrotechnics which illuminated two gigantic faces which helped make up the stage design. Flames rose up and Beyonce appears locked in a sassy pose with a LED cut-out version of herself towering overhead. She then goes into an acapella of “Love On Top” into “Crazy In Love” followed by “End Of Time”. Some trippy shit goes down during the Sean Paul track “Baby Boy”; Beyonce danced in front of a screen that multiplied her moves in perfect fashion. After, Destiny’s Child pops up, and they go into “Bootylicious”, “Independent Women Part 1” and “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)”. Beyonce ends with an emotional rendition of “Halo”, easily ranking her among the best to ever perform at the Super Bowl. Go girl. 

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– Jimi Jaxon