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Lately, I’m either thinking about Machinedrum or talking about his music at least once a day. I am buzzing over his new productions, which only add to my sheer amazement of this artist. The amount of ideas and fresh vision coming out of Travis Stewart is so huge. Some don’t fully understand everything he offers to the world.

This “Eyesdontlie” video astounded my friends and I. What resembles those Roller Coaster Simulator rides carries you through a district of Vapor City. The environment becomes increasingly trippy, kinky and colorful, eventually fading into nothing.


In this interview with The Creators Project, Machinedrum talks about the dreams that inspired this new album on Ninja Tune..

“I would kind of be transferred to this same city in my dreams where it felt familiar, even though I knew I’d never been there. In the dream I felt like I knew all the places, I kept seeing the same streets, the same shops and clubs. Same amusement parks and weird little details that I kept noticing were recurring and it really started to freak me out that this kept happening—and it was also happening the first half of the year that I lived in Berlin.

So it started to form this sort of combination architecturally between New York and a bit of Berlin. A sort of old-meets-new sort of architecture. But it was very vast. And I could almost, in the dream, sort of zoom in and see the city for what it was, and kind of get an idea of where I was in the city. But it was crazy that I kept having this dream and it started fading out as I was living in Berlin but I thought it was definitely something I should explore more creatively, there was definitely a reason I was having this dream.”

When you make it out to Decibel Festival 2013 next month, make sure you experience the world debut of Vapor City Live on Friday, September 27th @ Showbox Market. It’s a part of the What The Festival Showcase with additional performances from XXYYXX, Giraffage and Timeboy (visuals by Zach Walker).


Vapor City will be released on September 30th

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– Jimi Jaxon



Back to back Daft Punk posts? Why not. As I was posting my feature on Random Access Memories collaborator Giorgio Moroder, this Todd Edwards feature was released. I forgot that Edwards provided vocals and co-wrote my favorite Daft Punk song, “Face to Face” for the Discovery album. Everything about this track connects with me on a deep level, especially the lyrics…”I must admit it’s my pride that made me distant, all because I hoped that you’d be someone different..”


Todd Edwards substantially influenced house music beginning in the early 90’s. His work is unique melding of garage, house and 2-step with his signature spliced vocal snippets. He has stayed consistent over many years as a producer, and is known as a very kind-hearted and spiritual individual.

Edwards confirms what I already know, and what should be obvious to all by now..when Daft Punk does something, it affects everything.


It’s easy for many to forget that when Homework was released, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo were 22 and 21 years old respectively. To have tracks like “Revolution 909”, “Da Funk” and “Around The World” in their debut album demonstrated two highly advanced artists, already changing the landscape of dance music. This has been their mission, and they have accomplished just about everything imaginable in many mediums of expression. With an attitude of passion, perfectionism and experimentation they have consistently set and raised the bar for what’s possible. Instead of depending on artists like Daft Punk to make all the change, take influence from them and realize they are just two dudes. I’m sure they hope their work inspires the rest of us to go out into the world and create something memorable. 

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– Jimi Jaxon