If you’ve made it out to any of my recent shows, you’ll often notice Clark in the tracklistings. Ever since I opened for him at Decibel Festival‘s 2012 Warp Showcase, I’ve had his releases on constant rotation. If you were there, thank you! I heard very positive feedback from Machinedrum, Jimmy Edgar, Clark and the representatives from Warp Records. The vibes at that show were top-notch. Anyways, there’s so much diversity of sound and texture throughout Clark’s discography, and one release I want to focus on is Totems Flare. Describing his style is challenging; it’s dark, bizarre, meticulously crafted music that leaves me scratching my head in awe. Unexpected changes are a consistent characteristic of Clark’s music, with songs darting and mutating on a whim. The opening track for example, “Outside Plume”, bounces and morphs with ease. It also begins with this classic, Clark sounding synth melody that I absolutely love. Another gem on this release is “Look Into The Heart Now”, which seems to be one of his only happy-ish acid house tracks, complete with psychedelic, distorted vocals. “Rainbow Voodoo” is an unrelenting monster, sure to grab the attention of anyone within ear distance. I wouldn’t say this is Clark’s best release, but I keep coming back to it for inspiration. 





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– Jimi Jaxon