This is the first time I’ve featured Wiley. Realizing that he’s been developing his music for 10+ years as an innovator of the underground music scene (with jungle, drum & bass, UK garage, hip-hop), and is regarded by many as the “King of Grime”, I know there’s so much more music for me to take in and understand. So for all the major fans of Wiley reading this, I am no expert, I’m just aware that he’s one of the best and want to start sharing his tunes here on Disco Droppings. I got a copy of his most recent album, Evolve or be Extinct, so I will begin here.



On first listen, I was challenged by these songs. Some got me hyped right off the bat like “Evolve of be Extinct”, “Link Up” (the transition between those two trax is perfect) and “Weirdo”. Others were intriguing but didn’t connect right away for me, such as “I’m Skanking” and “Miss You”. After taking a break from the album, I had a very frustrating experience and came back with some angry energy to blow off. It was with this next listen that the whole album really came to life. Wiley’s voice comes through as if he’s rapping a few inches from my face, crystal clear and sharp as fuck. His voice is an instrument perfectly tuned to the beats. Effortless delivery and progressive ideas on the production kept me guessing. I’ve gone through the album 4 times now, and it’s gotten better and more entertaining each time. I’m sure you’ll be seeing Wiley pop up on here a lot more, now that I understand how brilliant and inspired he is. 


Wiley Twitter

– Jimi Jaxon