This feature makes it very clear: I’m all about the vibes of Matty P. His blends of Boogie, Disco, Sophistafunk, Electro, Latin Freestyle, Italo-Disco, Detroit Techno, Classic Chicago House and Modern Soul mesmerizes me. Matty alongside Domenica, Atlee Treasure and Frankie Crescioni will soon welcome partygoers to the first “Spread Thick” night at Kremwerk. Takes place this Thursday, April 17th. As I mention in the interview below with Matty P, it has me super hyped! You will find me there, vibin’ tough. Now, onto our conversation..

DD Anyone interviewed here on Disco Droppings has my stamp of affection. But I do have to say, you Matty P stand out as a gem. I was so into your first set at Kremwerk a short while ago. I kept going up to Austin while you were playing like, “Listen to this! This is so rad!” Since then I’ve had your mixes on repeat, especially “Modern Funk & Boogie Classics”. I play it at work, driving around, in such a variety of environments, and it always just works. We’ve been getting to know each other a bit and yea, it’s a pleasure! Just gonna’ shower you with compliments first off.

MP Hey! Glad you like the vibes.

DD What’s a day in the life of Matty P?

MP Well. Starts off in the early to mid morning when I wake up and ends late at night when I go to sleep. Lots of pizza making and musical activities in the middle, with at least 1 episode of Seinfeld usually. I like to keep it simple.


DD How do you visualize “Spread Thick”? The night debuts this Thursday (April 17th) at Kremwerk; featuring Domenica, Atlee Treasure, Frankie Crescioni and yourself. What kind of mood do you plan on creating? This is the night I’ve been anticipating the most so far. :))

MP I have a long history of producing and directing underground “dances” all over the US, from loft parties in Chicago to dank warehouse parties out in philly. With “Spread Thick” I guess I’m trying to recreate those anything goes types of vibes where people from all types of scenes can come together to hear some fresh jams and get freaky.

The musical direction for the night is based around funk and the countless sub genres that go with it, but we won’t be limiting our selections to just that. The plan is just to keep it as sensual and erotic as humanly possible while still keeping it classy and sophisticated. “Talk classy, act nasty.”

DD Can you share a few tracks that encapsulate your current vision?

MP My favorite track at the moment is “Charlene” by a new Miami based group called Psychic Mirrors. This track is unbelievable, it sounds like It could be from 1983 or 2083, I can’t see it leaving my box anytime soon.


My all time favorite jam. “Soft Hoop” by Metro Area. Got that cosmopolitan street vibe that makes sense coming out a boombox in a dark alley on skid row or at a private cocktail party in a penthouse in Manhattan.


DD You were kind enough to share an upcoming Social Lovers vinyl release with me, “Call Me Up/So Right”. This is a collaboration with a few artists yes? I’ve been listening to those as well as this Side A/B tape release. Didn’t that sell out right away?

MP Yep. Social lovers is a studio group a handful of friends and I put together a few years ago in LA. I don’t know if it completely sold out right away, but it definitely went faster than I would have ever guessed. The 7″ single comes out April 29th on Cherries Record,then we’re hopefully putting out a 12″ EP in the late summer or early fall.

DD Do you feel like the music you’re putting out there and playing is more than a look to the past? I think some people could just call it retro. But your vibes seem to exist in a more timeless space..

MP I’d like to think so! Boogie has definitely passed the test of time and is currently getting better and better. You can’t really go wrong with a 4 on the floor beat and a smooth sexy bassline.

DD And lastly, how would you describe your current crew of sorts..

MP Bunch a’ good for nothin knuckleheads, I’m currently looking for a new crew.


Matty P – Soundcloud

- Jimi Jaxon


DD Hello Terence, welcome to Disco Droppings. What are you up to?

Z Thanks, man. Stoked to be a part of Disco Droppings, lots of good stuff on here. Definitely in good company. Just been working on Zoolab tunes as well as getting a new electronic project started with a good friend of mine. Been working hard trying to get a new track finished for the upcoming show.

DD Your latest release, the Voices EP is my personal favorite. Quite the display of cohesion, balance and moving emotions. What was your process finding the proper samples for this release? Did any of them come from unconventional or surprising sources?

Z Thank you, I truly appreciate that. I definitely agree that it is the most cohesive thing I’ve made thus far and am definitely happy with how it turned out. Well, the way I usually end up doing things is getting an instrumental pretty much done and framed out arrangement wise, then thinking about how the vocal samples are going to work out. I have a huge library of acapellas, so it’s just a tedious process of listening to the instrumental on loop while wading through loads of samples. What’s fun is that about half of the time if not more, the sample that ends up making it in is from a song I’ve never even heard. The exception to that process on Voices EP is the vocal on the song “That’s His”, which is an Arthur Russell sample from a song I heard on KEXP and immediately knew I had to mess with it. As far as the most unexpected, I won’t say where but there is definitely a Get Up Kids sample in the mix. 12808777294_fc55a74c93


DD Me and you can relate. We both have experience working behind-the-scenes in the music community. How has your work with Neumos, Barboza and The Crocodile helped you evolve as an artist?

Z I’m glad we can relate on that. Not even because it’s “cool” or anything, it just really gives you a different perspective on the world of live music. What it did for me was get me off my ass! I’ve been tinkering with making solo music for probably eight years and only played my first solo gig in August of last year. I would always tell myself that I wanted to make something of it, but wasn’t actually making the moves to actualize it. Working at the venues, and seeing people doing exactly what I wanted to be doing night after night made me realize that I had no excuse not to at least give it a go. Since I’ve had that mindset I’ve been finishing tunes and playing shows semi regularly and really that’s all I can ask for. The only real challenges that I’ve faced regarding making music have been my own personal downfalls. I can honestly say that my biggest flaw as a person is impatience, which has definitely translated to problems finishing up tracks at the pace I could be. I’ve been working hard on getting better at it though!

DD April 10th, you’ll be at Seattle’s Kremwerk venue (FB Event), alongside Big Phone, Kiife and DJ Db Cooper. I looked at some KEXP show reviews, where you opened for Com Truise, Phantoms, Mas Ysa and Lawrence Rothman and you got warm receptions. You’ve said that you’ll be playing tracks you’ve never played out before, are these older productions or a preview of a Voices EP follow up?

Z Yeah Gerrit Feenstra from KEXP wrote up those shows and said some really kind words, which I really appreciate. But yeah opening for Com Truise was the last show that I played and was by far the best reception I’ve had thus far, and definitely the most fun I’ve ever had playing a show. It’ll be a combination of both old and new. I have another four song EP in the works and I’ve been playing versions of three of those songs live in my last few sets. For this show, I hope to bust out a version of what will be the fourth song on that upcoming EP, as well as some stuff from Voices that I’ve been leaving out of the live sets. I really want to play “That’s His” but its so down tempo and creepy. I’d rather get people moving and keep the vibe up.

Zoolab - Soundcloud Facebook Bandcamp

Photo credit: Brittany Brassell

- Jimi Jaxon



I sense so much apathy and defeatism in the world today. I also sense those that run toward something else. I’m drawn to individuals that see the best in people, and push for an expansion of consciousness. Alex and Allyson Grey are prime examples. Their psychedelic art and pursuits over nearly 40 years, have moved the world across religions, ethnicities, orientations, genders and beyond. They talked with my friend Abby Martin last week on Breaking The Set, and I feel an urge to share their conversation. May this stir minds, and open up dialogues about who we are as human beings, and what we can accomplish together.


Alex Grey - Twitter




- Jimi Jaxon




Just a few days ago, I posted my glowing Disco Droppings feature on Jimmy Edgar and his Ultramajic label. It’s just so surreal to now have him here for an interview, right on the heels of his Spring 2014 Tour. This string of dates has him in my area of Seattle on March 20th @ Q, via Studio 4/4 and Decibel..


DD Hi Jimmy, such a gift being able to talk with you here. This conversation is greatly appreciated.

JE Pleasure is mine. I am humbled by your gratitude.

DD Can you share any inspirations from your recent trip to Egypt? You mentioned meditating inside the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

JE I much prefer this conversation in person, but I might as well relay some of the things that happened since they were so amazing. Obviously, it was a challenge to even decide to go there because of the situation there, but I really convinced myself that it was fine. There were absolutely no tourists, the pyramids were completely empty it was kind of sad to be honest. We did a tour with a Khemit school of Ancient Mysticism and they had diplomatic ties so we were able to go into locked areas. The first locked area we went into was just adjacent to pyramids, but underground. As soon as we entered I thought there was a truck driver over us, and they explained that the sound is always there, and they asked me to sit in a sort of seat and close my eyes. I immediately started seeing geometry in my mind, since I have experiences like this often, I sort of accepted it and moved on. Later on, we go into the King’s Chamber and I was in awe of the design. The wall so straight and flat, and so high inside, no writing on the walls. All the documentaries and photos could not prepare me for the feeling inside there. I just got the feeling that there is much more to the story, it was so intuitive and obvious. Anyways, so we make it up into the King’s Chamber, completely alone again.  Inside the chamber I was so awestruck by the resonant sound of the pyramid. I was hearing such a pure high fidelity vibrating reverberation. The guide tells us it’s completely illegal to do any meditation inside, and there are cameras. But, he basically says the cameras are bullshit and that we should get inside the sarcophagus and he will look out for us. Pilar Zeta, who does the Ultramajic covers with me gets inside and we take turns doing a meditation. I see this geometry in my mind again and I start focusing on it, so now I know it is something connected. She asks me if I saw some swirling tetrahedron type shape in my head shortly after, and I didn’t really plan on saying anything since it was such a personal experience. Hard to say what happened in there, but something perhaps deep and subconscious. For me, the pyramids seem to be some kind of temple or spiritual technology, something about sound and resonance.

We also visited Luxor, which was beautiful.


DD How would you describe the Ultramajic energy?

JE The parties are all about having fun. For us, we appreciate when people give us feedback on the artwork, which is our focus now, to create a vibe connected with the music with a lot of artistic integrity. I love working with Pilar because she has a way of not settling for second best. Since we are both hard to please, once we have something that we like, we end up staring at it for hours to make sure it’s up to our standard and something we are proud of. We have an ongoing joke that has stuck, and as long as everything has a bit of fun, a bit of magic, a bit of mystic, and a bit of fashion then we are on.


DD Your 2014 Spring Tour is about to begin, with its first stop at the highly esteemed Fabric in London on March 14th. A few days after that, you’ll be returning to my city of Seattle on March 20th at Q nightclub. After seeing you at Decibel Festival 2013 via the Leisure System After Hours showcase, I’m curious about how your upcoming tour will sound. There’s also your recent RA mix, Warehouse Project and Boiler Room sets online. What happens now?

JE The RA mix was more about scaling back and showing a really specific vibe, since I knew people would be listening at home. This was a huge challenge for me because when I DJ out I just want it to bang and people to dance. But really, I can’t comment much because DJ’ing is a very intuitive thing… I need to see faces and bodies moving and the sound system and everything ya know….of course I love playing new music and unreleased Ultramajic…again, it’s all about having fun and getting into a vibe. Recently, in Europe I’ve been playing the first hour of my sets with almost exclusive drum trax. So when the melodies enter it really starts to feel like we are going somewhere. I don’t think this works so much in USA. In the states we don’t have the type of patience that Europeans do for DJs. Americans, for the most part, are expecting some kind of fire because we don’t have the same club culture. That’s fine too, I just feel I gotta tune my set a bit. What I actually do can’t be quantified, it’s all intuitive and felt when I’m there.

DD Are there plans to present more Ultramajic visuals at events? Your graphics are sure to be super trippy in the club environment. 

JE Yes, thank you. Visuals are a big part of what we do, but I am more interested in working with LED and lighting designers. I am not a big fan of projectors, I don’t think they have the impact and brightness I am looking for.


DD How have your recent fashion projects been going? 

JE I don’t do much these days, but I just shot Pilar Zeta’s fashion line called Holographic Universe for their FW2014 collection. Really amazing designs and I am excited to see them released. The website is up..we worked on this project for months and then flew to LA to shoot it in the studio, we had a really cool team.

DD There are so many pictures of yours that latch onto me. The one of you holding that striking Black Tourmaline stone looked mesmerizing. I’ve become kinda obsessed with crystals lately, always carry something on me. What’s your relationship like with gems and such?

JE Ive always had crystals since I was a child, I don’t know what it is, I just really love them. Well, actually I’m lying, I just pretend I don’t know what crystals do, but I am convinced that what “new age” people say about crystals is true. You can program them and communicate with them. Ever since I was a child I used to always imagine being a room full of crystal walls, it was one of my youngest memories. I don’t understand why some people are so ignorant to the power of crystals, our computer hard disks are made of Silicon. Science already knows that crystals can hold memory. Anyways, you should Youtube “crystal documentary” and you will find this guy called Les Brown, who gives a very boring but informative lecture on the nature of crystals, and for me its important to have the scientific openness to convince myself of the authenticity. A few of my friends who used to be complete fuckups found themselves through crystals, which is quite drastic but really fascinating to see people really get into them. Once you have the belief and you allow yourself to connect, whether it be crystals, nature, aliens or whatever, then you open that door to see what’s possible. For me, I’d rather live in a world of magic and wonder rather than a world of “I can’t”, and limiting yourself to possibilities. I now find myself feeling really bad for people who can’t even consider the possibility. Like I said, just being open makes a doorway for these things to come into your life…but it applies to everything.


Jimmy Edgar – Twitter Soundcloud Facebook


- Jimi Jaxon


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