Don’t miss Bardo:Basho at Kremwerk this Thursday, July 31st in Seattle. “Disco Droppings Presents” is in its second month, with Basho aka Kirsten Thom playing alongside Zoolab (debut DJ set), Sphyramid (live set, 7 Deadly Records) and myself. Kirsten has produced brand new music just for this show! She mentioned it being very rhythmic, can’t wait!

Let’s get to our conversation..

DD Hii Kirsten. We’ve known each other for a short while now. I did a live dj mix and interview on your show for Hollow Earth Radio back in May. Thanks again for that. How would describe your show?

BB Hi Trevor! That was really fun. My radio show emphasizes experimental electronic music, mostly on the darker tip. I play lots of techno, and some ambient, drone, and noise stuff. I also try to play as much local music as possible, and I make sure to represent female producers.

DD There are a bunch of sub groups in Seattle for electronic music. These often have many similarities to me, with differences in the genres and styles focused on for each crew’s parties. What’s the crew like that you usually find yourself with? That would be secondnature yeah?

BB I have a lot of friends who work on secondnature, who focus on hypnotic techno. I help out from time to time, and attend almost all of their events. That is probably the crew I am closest with. I co-curate an electronic music event series called Elevator, which tends to feature avant-garde and noise-oriented stuff. I also go to Motor as much as I can, along with Sweatbox parties..and I’ve been really impressed with some of the more post-punk and industrial-leaning events like False Prophet and Lust Strength, which both take place at Kremwerk.


DD Something told me to put on Blade Runner as visuals to this LP Sampler of yours. Fit together perfectly. Are you a fan of the film?

BB The last time I saw Bladerunner was a long time ago. I remember enjoying it, but I think it’s time for me to watch it again. I will take that as a compliment!


DD You should. This is your debut album correct? I’m curious about the path that’s led you here as a producer…

BB The album I recently finished (but have not yet released) is my very first as Bardo:Basho. I’ve been building my production skills for the past three years, and it’s been a slow process. I started out trying to make techno, but then I found that more vocal-oriented, home-listening type music was more expressive for me. Now that I know a little bit more about sound design, I’m making my way toward a more dance floor friendly sound. Before making electronic music, I sang and played synthesizer and rhythm guitar in a few bands, and played classical piano on my own.

DD “Meditative” is one of the hashtags on the LP sampler. Is this something you practice? Whenever I see you there’s a calm, collected energy that I sense.

BB Thank you! I don’t sit down and meditate regularly, but I try to always be present in the moment, and focus on my breathing for a few minutes a day.


DD You’ll be playing this month’s “Disco Droppings Presents” at Kremwerk on Thursday, July 31st. This will be a live set from you. Any hints you can give readers as to what you’re going for?

BB This set will be very rhythmic – think bongos and kettle drums – with layers upon layers of vocal loops, and a touch of acid synth. Thanks so much for having me! I’m really looking forward to Thursday.


Bardo:Basho - Twitter Facebook Soundcloud

- Jimi Jaxon




Let’s get grimey..

DD Well dude, hello! It’s been a little over 2 years since we first talked on Disco Droppings. Crazy huh?

TS Yea man, good to speak to you again. Time fly’s.

DD This “100% Tricky Strutt Production Mix” is really rad. Had it on at work a bunch, keeping’ me hyped. So as the title suggests, this is all your own productions. Anything you’d like to share about this collection of tracks?

TS Literally the tracks are just a bunch that have been sitting on my hard drive for a while, the direction hasn’t really changed. I think there’s a few in that mix that are at least 2 maybe 3 years old, the second track and second to last are the only ones that are “current” shall we say and to be honest. I’d forgotten I’d made half of them. The mix was purely for DSL on Nasty FM. I wasn’t really ready to send out any tracks at the time but I thought if I put them into a mix context it would show that I’m still about really, as I’m so quiet on the tune front.

I purposely left out quite a few tracks, mainly all the ones one of my friends told me to put in haha, and hopefully all the tracks show a different vibe or style at 140 bpm. Pretty much my take on grime which we spoke about two years ago as my main love. I’m still spending stupid money on tracks I had on repeat 10 years ago. I brought roundabout another 40 vinyl last week. It’s great that it’s coming back into the limelight a bit.

DD Since it’s been a while, what’s a current day in the life of Tricky Strutt entail?

TS A current day for me..I “manage” a small business, which drives me up the wall, but it has it’s advantages. Building a studio a few minutes away, being the only one that springs to mind atm. Trawling the internet looking for equipment when I get a chance, and of course record hunting.

DD Where do you wanna’ take things next?

TS Artist wise, I’ve dropped a few tunes in other fields under different alias’s since we last spoke. There’s other stuff in the pipeline, but I won’t really go into it too much. Lets just say it’s at a polar opposite to this kind of stuff.

Other than that I’m just making tracks and stacking them up as usual. I think I’ve got a good few hours of unheard stuff spread across three hard drives and two computers. It’s now a case of getting everything mixed down haha.

Good speaking to you again!

Tricky Strutt – Twitter Soundcloud


- Jimi Jaxon


2012 Disco Droppings Interview w/ Alana Watson, vocalist and 3rd member of Nero

- Jimi Jaxon


Whatsup everyone? Very hyped to share this conversation with friend and fellow local artist, David Comito. If you’re in the Seattle area, you best be at his art show this Sunday (FB event). I won’t be missing it..

DD So with your art, is this something you’ve been doing since you were little, or was drawing something you got more interested in later?

DC I’ve been drawing all my life. Its always been my primary source of entertainment. As far as trying to sell it, that is a more recent aspect of what I do. Marketing myself takes me a bit out of my comfort zone.

DD Well you have a beautiful looking site, and I’ve seen my roommate Stefani wearing one of your shirts. It’s good to push yourself a bit. I can’t draw worth shit, so your work is especially kool to me. How long do these pieces usually take to create?

DC Thanks! It is definitely something worth doing. I’m so lucky to have friends that tell me that my work connects with them, it pushes me forward to promote myself. How long some of these pieces take all depend of different things, like my mood, or the subject or weather. Sometimes a particular piece would benefit with more attention to detail, other times it would be better with a quick and lose treatment. I think the most I’ve spent on a picture, adding all the time up would be about a day, but I do lose track of time when I work so that might not be accurate. It’s one of the things that make it hard to monetize my work. I don’t really count the time as wasted or something that needs to be reimbursed.


DD I see so much imagination in what you’re doing. Reminds me of some of the cartoons I watched growing up. Have cartoons influenced all this for you?

DC For sure they have. If you are a child of the 80’s, I think you definitely have its mark on your imagination. I think what maybe influenced me most was Jim Henson. I find myself using a lot of his visual cues and sense of humor in my work. I also have love of pen and ink and that is definitely pulled from my love of comics.

DD Speaking of comics, was it Comic-Con you went to recently?

DC I did but just as a comic fan. My favorite thing to do there is talk to the artists and look through all their work.

DD It looks really fun. Who were some of your favorite artists to interact with?

DC Dimi Macheras is a fantastic local comic book artist. He’s working on a comic right now called Guttertown that is set in future Seattle where people compete in a drug induced telekinetic beat music fight. I dig it. I also connected with Alex Pardee, his stuff was just hilarious and awesome.

DD And what’s in store for this art show in Seattle this Sunday?

DC My art will be there of course. I’ll be there to talk and answer any questions people want to ask, and I’ll have some prints and original pen and inks for sale. Really, I’m just looking forward to meeting people and talking art.


- Jimi Jaxon



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