“StaticReactor is the project of Jonathan (Jono) Evenson. I produce my songs with Reason and Ableton Live and my trusty MIDI keyboard. Hopefully I’ll get some sick hardware synths in the future, but for now I’m pretty happy with what I got. (Saving up for live gear…shows to come soon!).”

Some homegrown Washington State electronic music.

Voltage Meter.mp3

Can Haz Bass?.mp3



DD Your the first artist I’ve befriended from the Washington area that makes music with a very trance-y quality, what about trance do you appreciate most?

SR Trance music is originally what got me into the electronic scene. A friend of mine showed me some Armin Van Buuren and I immediately got hooked on the spacious feel and the somewhat ambient groove of the songs.

DD How do you feel about electronic music right now?

SR Though I’m still pretty new to electronic music I feel like there are so many different options and opportunities to be had. For me, I’m always learning new ways of doing things and new VSTs or effects that add a unique touch.

DD You’ve noted Infected Mushroom, Benny Benassi, Oceanlab, Armin Van Buuren, She and Deadmau5 as influences..how have each of these artists shaped your musical journey as StaticReactor?

SR You could say that these artists are the “core” of my style. They are essentially the first electronic bands that I found that gave me shivers listening to them and so, as every beginning artist does, I aspired to sound like them. Of course I’ve gone my own direction but they are still my “roots”.

DD Any big plans for 2010?

SR 2010 I’m planning to release an EP and get my laptop so I can start playing live shows!

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