DD “Shit Chip Anthem” is badass. What inspired you to make this gritty little song?

S Thank you! One day I was just messing around on my LSDJ cartridge and was entering little random melodies and basslines to get some ideas for a song going, and during that time I was having a little trouble writing music, so I made the intro to that song. I didn’t really take the song seriously at first, and uploaded what I had to Myspace kind of as a joke, but people liked it and I needed a new song for the dance night at KTUB (11/6) so I finished it that day and I’m happy it turned out the way it did. I am very happy with the response I got from it as well.

DD How would you describe your music? Are there certain themes of ideas your trying to get across?

S With my music I used to want to give off an adventure sort of feel. Lately though I have been trying to get off the “just fucking dance” feel and pound out some 4/4 beats with some evil basslines and crazy melody’s at an easy dancing tempo, I’m going through a transition right now from the generic fast stuff to my own sorta thing, sort of like Shit Chip Anthem.

DD What first got you interested in Chiptune? Any specific artists/shows?

S A really long time ago I discovered the band Anamanaguchi, an indie chiptune band from New York, and heard the familiar “bleeps” from my childhood. I immediately fell in love. After discovering the band and various other artists I ran into After discovering a whole community of chip musicians I decided to make chiptune.

DD Your songs have a nice deep bass-y quality. Live, I noticed your tracks sound very full and punchy. Do you do anything special to your productions to give them that extra kick?

S Nope. Everything live has been performed straight from LSDJ on my Nintendo Gameboy DMG-001 along with the regular EQ’ing from the sound engineers.

DD What is your dream collaboration?

S If I could work with anyone it would have to be Deadmau5. The guy is a master. ‘Nuff said.

DD Any crazy plans for Seanbad in 2010?

S There are a couple awesome things coming that I have to keep hush hush, but a big thing coming will be some non gameboy stuff. I have been getting into Ableton Live and I will put out some hard electro shit. It will be hard and crazy I promise. I also plan on releasing a heavy chiptune EP in 2010.

Shit Chip Anthem.mp3


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