Got another track from the Texas Beat Farmer! Slow it down with “Boombox”, by Rupert The Duke..


1. How long have you been making electronic music?

I began making hiphop/breakbeats at an early age but I still dabbled in the Big Beat style of Chem Bros, Leftfeild, and UNKLE (first album). After producing a wide variety of beats, I was approached by some DJs who gave me the confidence to pursue a more electronic sound. After attending Coachella 08, I was amazed by the Electro performers and how the audience responded. It illustrated a certain mood that I wanted to produce music for.

2. You have remixed Justice’s “One Minute To Midnight”, how did you first hear about them? Favorite song?

I was in France for a month in 07 and I heard about the Ed Banger sound. It blew me away because it was electronic music made by Hip Hop enthusiasts and not the usual rave crowd. My friend said I should remix Justice but I didn’t want to do “D.A.N.C.E.” because it’s been remixed to death. When I asked him what his favorite song was on “Cross” he said “One Minute To Midnight”. My favorite Justice song is probably “Genesis”.

3. What is the electronic music scene like in your area of Texas? Is there a group of people doing similar stuff?

Well, there are some scenes brewing in the panhandle. You would be surprised by a certain few who keep the music alive. I’m always trying new things with my live show. I just bought a controller (glitch hop) and got a VJ so my live show is becoming monstrous! There are a couple of DJ’s in Amarillo and Lubbock who spin decent Hip Hop, Electro, Dubstep, and Funk. Hopefully it will keep on growing.

4. Your song “Boom Box” has a deep flow to it, what artists inspire you the most when it comes to your own productions?

For this particular song I was inspired by the hard beats of Dabrye, Sebastian and Mr. Oizo. I like the hard snares and how the beat is uncompromising. It stays slow and loud. It also reminds me of some Dubstep I’ve heard lately.

5. Any exciting plans for 2010?

HELL YES. I just finished “The GlassHouse Mix” which is a 53 min mix featuring strictly Hip Hop beats. It will become a continuation series. I’ve got 5 dance remixes in the works. Also compiling all my old electronic beats and making a 20 minute dance mix. Tons of other creative ventures in 2010 to list, but you will hear em soon enough.