Deepearth.void keeps getting better and better. His newest release, “Filling That Void” confidently shows a vast combination of influences and sense of direction. Keep an ear out for this guy in the near future!

I Deepspam.mp3
II Cyclopic Eye.mp3
III Quickness.mp3
IV No Me Importa.mp3
V Creeper On The Floor.mp3
VI DiscoDestroyer
VII Run Child!.mp3
VIII Zippys Noise.mp3
IX Glitchhop.mp3


DD Your newest release sounds very clear and focused. How do you feel now, as opposed to when you first started making music as Deepearth.void?

DV Well, as an artist, I feel like I have a lot more reason to actually make the music that is constantly playing in my head. I have had a lot of recent experiences that really made me want to take my sound to a higher level. And have something i could call my own, my style, rather than just getting my ideas out there. When I first started, it was basically just for the fun of it, and now that I see what my music can do for people, I feel as though I have a calling, or a purpose in my production.

DD How do you approach your music-making? is it a very long process where you slowly build things together, or does it come in bursts where you make a huge amount of material at once?

DV Interestingly enough, the process usually begins when I am nowhere near a computer or musical instrument of any kind. I actually build the songs up in my head, with different tracks and effects I plan on using. And once I get in front of the computer, or behind the keyboard, it all just kind of comes together and my vision is slowly achieved. Sometimes when I know I have a really awesome idea, I let it sit for as long as possible until I just can’t take it anymore and I have to create it, haha. On average, I usually finish the framework for a track in about two days. and then I just revisit and rework it until I’m happy with it.

DD Who are some current artists you are most impressed with?

DV Currently I have been really impressed with the late 70’s early 80’s disco scene, and how much control they had over the sound (especially the drums). Analog compression is a beautiful thing, and I think some of those guys were way ahead of their time in what kind of sounds they were creating. Even today, bands like Hercules And Love Affair bring that disco feel, and pay homage to the greats of the past with their super refined hard hitting disco sound. I can equate what they were doing with disco back then, to what people are doing with house and dance music today. It’s basically the same scene, just different sounds. I’m always inspired by people like Deadmau5, Justice, Database, Villa, Daft Punk, etc. and anyone else who makes music that absolutely compels you to move your body.

DD What about more general musical influences for you…any surprising ones?

DV Before I started getting into dance music, and the electronic music scene, I was really heavily influenced by psychedelic, prog and post rock, and shoegaze (Russian Circles, Red Sparowes, Dead Meadow, ISIS, Acid Mothers Temple). I think it was just the feeling of being totally entranced by the music, and having it take you to places you never thought possible with instruments alone. That kind of slower, ambient sound led me to electronic artists like Boards Of Canada, Bonobo, Amon Tobin etc. and that provided me the same kind of trippy, zoned out feel, but in a whole new way. At that point I was pretty opposed to mainstream “dance”, until I kind of saw how it all fit together and how the scenes really compliment each other in a lot of ways. Interestingly enough, there was a point in my life where I listened to strictly grindcore. Don’t really know what that was about. Angsty preteen years i guess…

DD Best show you’ve seen so far?

DV The best show I have ever seen in my entire life, no doubt about it, was Buckethead at Neumos in 2007. Just the raw energy combined with his awesome air of mysterious brilliance captured me in so many ways. Being in the front row, watching his fingers move like electrons around the frets was extremely surreal. It feels like a dream when I remember it. And he rocks so hard, if you haven’t heard a lot of Buckethead, I recommend the album “Population Override”. Another highlight of the show was when he reached into his chicken bucket and pulled out toys to give to the audience, he made eye contact with me and threw it, and I caught a magnetic fishing game toy. And it felt awesome. I still have it today. 2nd best show would have to be Venetian Snares at El Corazon last year. I dont even have to explain why…haha.

DD If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

DV If I could collaborate with any artist, or group, it would most likely be someone from Parliament Funkadelic. Like Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell, or George Clinton, (Eddie Hazel if he was still alive). They captured the funk, put it in a cage, and squeezed it for its funk juices on a daily basis. Those guys definitely knew what they were doing and had more fun doing it than any other funk band I’ve ever seen.

DD What are you most excited to work on in 2010?

DV In 2010, I’m really looking forward to working on a glitch hop project I’ve had in the works for a little while with P.Wrecks from Spokane. I’ve been trying to harness that hip hop, g-funk kinda feel for quite some time now, and I think it’s finally coming together in my own style. Keep that on the DL though! Exclusive shit right therr. XD