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Amsterdam is the shit. I give you, The Century.


Na Na.mp3


DD “Na Na” is now one of my favorite new songs. It’s like 3rd world, new funky hip-hop or something crazy. What were your inspirations for this song?

TC We listened to lots of dirtysouth stuff during that period and at the same time we are very much into House and Classic House. My brother came up with this old school sample – NaNa by NUKE. We decided to make a track with tempo switches so we started with the dirtysouth Dubstep thing into a fast housebeat and it worked out pretty cool. It was a really small hit-record in some clubs around the Netherlands. It didn’t get too much airtime because of the tempo switches. Most DJ’s still play house strictly around 128 bpm.

DD The Century is made up of The Flexican, Andras Caron & Sef..is there a specific style or feel that each of you bring to the group?

TC We are into many styles of music from Hip-Hop, to Classic Disco, Rock, House, Techno.. and for samples we dig deep into progressive rock or other stuff. There is nothing really specific with what we do, we all come up with different music all the time. It is very eclectic.

DD You guys run GirlsLoveDJ’s and the label One Hundred Years. How is that going? What is the focus of each of these?

TC One Hundred Years is now GirlsLoveDJs Records. And that is going really well, GirlsLoveDJs is me and my brother’s party concept were Flexican has always been the headlining DJ. So we decided to branch out with a record label. It is a start-up, but we are working really hard to release good tracks and there are some real cool things coming up.

DD For many of my friends and I, Amsterdam seems like the Holy Grail for doing whatever the fuck you want. Is that how it is there? What is the electronic/dance scene like in your area?

TC The electronic scene is good in my opinion. I think we produce the best DJ’s in the world…… DJ wise I have never seen anyone rock a crowd like The Flexican, Chuckie or Real El Canario. The thing in Holland is that people are so spoiled with quality stuff that you have to come up with something bigger and better all the time. The downside is that in some countries you play a hit record and people instantly start screaming and take their clothes off…. in Holland people are way to sober for that. So what you are assuming is not entirely true. =) But there are interesting things happening right now.

DD What are some of your favorite current artists? Any labels you especially enjoy?

TC Whitest boy alive, De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig (Dutch Electro/Hip-Hop group…check this out), Surkin, Tom Trago, LeLe.

DD What is The Century planning for 2010?

TC We are releasing some new tracks and we are still working on the album. And Flexican, myself and Sef are also busy with our solo stuff.