A gifted writer/performer/recording artist, Jeff Stillwell AKA Dear City has been making music since 2006. I have received 3 songs from his new album “Glass Volcano”, and have made them available to all y’all as a preview of this release..

In Your Company.mp3

Spirit Gun.mp3



1. You’ve just finished your album, “Glass Volcano”, how would you describe the sound and feel of this record?

I would like to think that the album is one that is captivating, put simply. I was striving to be infectious this time!

2. The lyrical quality of your songs is incredible! How do you feel about your lyrics now, compared to when you first started making music?

I think I’ve always been a bit conflicted in how I once wrote my songs, in that most of me wanted pop, but a lot of me wanted “respect,” which I used to think couldn’t coexist. I decided to just embrace the inner pop, man!

3. Who are some of your electronic influences?

I guarantee that on some level of my consciousness, I am inspired by The Postal Service, but I shant admit it. I don’t have too many other electronic influences, I actually listen to a lot of folk. Don McLean is my man.

4. Any exciting plans for Dear City in 2010?

I want to just get myself back in the game! I took a rather extensive break from Dear City (then DeEr City) and sort of….lost my place in line, I suppose. I want to start the year playing a ton of shows and hopefully meeting new and different people who like my music.

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