Every month at my job (Victor’s Celtic Coffee) we feature a local artist. Here is our current “Artist of Month”, Judy Selogy.


1. Have long have you been doing your own artwork? What first inspired you to become an artist?

I’ve been doing artwork most of my life and was always referred to as the “artist in the family” ever since I can remember. When it comes to what inspired me to become an artist…that’s a tough one. It is who I am. It has always been with me and in spite of my parents best efforts to the contrary I continue to be who I am. From crayons and colored pencils to grade school water colors and on to oils and ceramics in high school, the art has always been there. In college, there was drawing, charcoal, pastels and oils. Even during a difficult and ultimately failed marriage art was always lurking in the background. In the past 6 years or so it has come to forefront again.

2.Your pieces have so much life! How would you describe your approach to painting?

My basic approach to painting is “paint first, think later”. The only time this doesn’t apply is when I’m working on a representational piece.


3. What types of music do you enjoy listening to? Have any specific artists influenced your style?

As far as the music I tend to listen to, it’s usually old school jazz. Due to the fact that I’m a very visual person music becomes part of the atmosphere that I work in lending a subtle, somewhat subliminal influence. There has not been any specific musical artist that has influenced me, it’s more like an inclusion of a whole body or genre that imparts emotion or gives background to what I’m doing.

4. Any big plans for your art in 2010?

Big plans for 2010…Along with the show that is currently at Victor’s Coffee in Redmond, I’m going to be showing my work at Daniel Smith Artist Supplies-Bellevue/Redmond (May 18th – June 6th) and giving a demo (May 29th) and workshop (June 19th) there as well. I have submitted some of my pieces to the Shoreline Community College magazine “Spindrift” and hope to be published. I am looking for opportunities to be involved with the Seattle art scene, so I will be doing some networking with contacts there.

5. Any last words?

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your blog. I appreciate your interest in my work and I can see that there’s a vast global community that you are reaching with the connection of music and the arts…where would we be without them?


DJ Phantom