Check em’ out! Seattle’s got the soundz! I’m really getting into this duo.
Singles by SPLATINUM


1. There is a smooth, funky style with Splatinum infused with more edgy,
wobbly sounds…how would you describe your music?

Dosadi: We make the most serious style of dumb shit in town. Throughout everything we create there is a deep current of Der Schplatzl running through. That’s the illusive substance that ignites dancefloors and melts brains. Lately we’ve been channeling a purified strain of Schplatzl and really trying to push our sound as far to the edges as we can. When we first started writing it was all face punchers and barn burners all the time. We only wanted to write heaters because that’s what would make people stand up and take notice. Now that we have people’s attention we’ve felt free to broaden our sound. We’ve been writing deeper tracks that explore a more diverse range of our influences. In particular we’ve been fusing the intimate and sensuous aspects of 2-Step with neon smeared west coast wobble ,crisp edged Dubstep, and saccharine sweet synth-pop. You have to evolve to survive and the age of genres is over! We try to write in as many different styles as possible. Unpredictability is vitally important to making great music. It takes a lot of forethought to seem like you don’t give a shit.

Andrew: I think Adam just used all the adjectives I know. But yeah, I’ve been getting deeper and more minimal just to provide the contrast in the parts that are blowing up. We like to make music that explodes. That’s definitely part of the whole splat concept. We’ve watched the whole Dubstep thing evolve from Garage and Breaks and Trip
Hop, so we’re just pushing forward with what we feel and trying to make something unique while using musicality to make it accessible.


2. How were you two first introduced to electronic music?

Dosadi: In the womb. My parents were fans of all sorts of “out-there” music. I grew up listening to Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, and Steve Reich. Then my older sister got me started on Synth Pop and industrial and before long I found my way to these crazy things called raves and it was all over from there! I ran my first clubnight when I was 17. I wasn’t even old enough to get in the door!

Andrew: 80s pop music and MTV for me…my dad and I were big Miami Vice fans, so Jan Hammer was pretty much a god to me. He also had loads of rock records with synthesizers that I was really into…was a big Moody Blues fan at a young age too. I was mostly into rap and grunge and had triple copies of Pretty Hate Machine on CD. My
industrial phase was short, but I soon discovered Aphex, Photek, FSOL and others through MTV’s AMP show. I bumped that big beat sound pretty hard as a teenager. Not long after I got into Florida breaks -it was what rocked the big parties in the Southeast.

3. Splatinum is a duo consisting of Andrew Luck and Dosadi, what have the two of you done individually prior to this collaboration?

Dosadi: Before embarking on our galactic quest for Der Schplatzl, I had a few vinyl releases back in the late ’90s and early ’00s. I’ve been performing live PA since ’97 and DJ’ing since ’00. This was all back in the Southeast. NC, GA, TN, SC, etc… Then I retreated Yoda style and spent a few years making music only for myself. Andrew and I started hanging out and writing around the same time as I felt the desire to start playing for crowds and sharing what I was doing again. Seattle has been great and I
feel really lucky to be part of an inspiring community of intergalactic-inter-disciplinary artists.

Andrew: I have a label with Knowa KnowOne called Street Ritual We went to school together in North Carolina, where we started spinning and futzing with tunes. I had my first release as Levitation Device in 2006 on an experimental label called Waveform Modulations…still have a lot of boxes on my musical to do list to check off!

4. How is 2010 looking for Splatinum?

Andrew: It’s a big year!

We have three releases on 04/20/2010!

1. Der Schplatzl 2010 – original mix CD (only) featuring 16 tracks and remixes.
2. We Are Splatinum – 45 minutes of DJ friendly full length Splatinum tracks available on Addictech, iTunes, etc.
3. Love for Dem Hustlaz EP – A FREE collection of bootleg hip hop cuts
we’ve synthed up and glitched out. Stay tuned!

Event wise it’s big too!

1. 04/20/2010 Der Schplatzl release party in Westlake Center from
6-9PM. We’re gonna get freaky in downtown Seattle on a KV2 system.
It’s the first Intergalactic Masquerade Dance Party. Not to be

2. We’re definitely hitting Burning Man this year – and really excited about it!

3. There’s a steady stream of shows posted to our website weekly.
We’ll be hitting the Southeast US for a mini-tour this July and headed
to the Southeast regional burning man event, Transformus. (tradition)

More info on events and releases @

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