For me this is a very, very exciting post. This artist has one of the most powerful and electrifying live shows I’ve seen, and it’s a true pleasure to showcase the very talented Spamtron on my blog.

As a taste of what this guy has been pumping out, one of my favorite songs of his “Martian”, and a Pokemon remix!!! of fuck yes, POKEMON.



So now, you love him. I sat down (virtually) with Spamtron to ask him about what he does, here’s what I got.

But First! Spamtron will be headlining my next installment of World Beats and Urban Streets, an all-ages dance show at KTUB..come by and get down


1. How did you decide on the name Spamtron?

I think it just popped into my head while reading through some spam junk e-mails. I was laughing at how ridiculous spam is when the text is randomly-generated. It seemed appropriate then, and still does; I want to create ridiculous music.

2. The level of texture, emotion and raw energy in your songs is really something..what most inspires you when it comes to your productions?

Thank you! That means a lot. 😀

I’m really inspired by how intense detailed and chaotic this world is! There is SO MUCH STUFF in this world. There are so many people, books, movies, TV shows, records, genres, plants, chemicals, cities, mammals, insects, fish, planets, stars, and galaxies in this world. This world is infinite. Thus, I want to create worlds with my music.

I also use music as an outlet for the types of energy that have no other way out of my brain. There are abstract thoughts, feelings, and ideas that I can’t accurately describe in words. For example, there is no word for the awesome feeling you get while listening to Daft Punk or Aphex Twin. There is not yet a word for the specific nostalgia and memories all the times that we listened to Daft Punk when we were younger. So, I try to materialize all kinds of thoughts, ideas and feelings with my music.

I love both popular/accessible and experimental/technical/weird music. In my music, I aim for a balance between the two.

3. Who are some of your favorite artists?

My favorite electronic artists are probably Kid 606 and Aphex Twin.

My favorite artists in general are probably Beatles, Michael Jackson, and David Bowie.

The past year, I’ve been really into Built To Spill, Passion Pit, and Dungen. Also, Meshuggah and Black Sabbath are awesome. I love metal AND hipster music. I try to listen to everything and keep an open-mind, as I strive to be a composist (a term coined by my awesome friend, housethegrate). I just love music in general.

4. What is the electronic music scene like in your part of Portland?

Hmm, let me get back to you on that 🙂

I gotta be honest: I’m still living in a boring suburb outside of Portland. As soon as I move into the city, I’ll go to shows way more often. Then, I’ll let you know! lol.

5. Any big plans/shows for Spamtron in 2010?

– First, I’m totally stoked about this upcoming KTUB show.
– I have a ton of awesome collaborations planned.
– I’m transferring to a certain college in Washington this Fall. At that point, I’d like to perform far more often.
– I’ve also decided that in 2010, I must spend more time and energy on music than ever before. I am determined to BRK into the game music industry.

I’m in certain you will my friend!

Want more free music? 2 Full-lengths here

Go Spamtron!

DJ Phantom