Local Seattle-based artist!


1. How long have the two of you been making music as American Werewolf?

We started “officially” making music as a a duo about a year an a half under the guise “Phantom Power.” We later changed our name to American Werewolf for no good reason.

2. You are a part of Simplify Records, tell us about this label..

Simplify Recordings is a local (Seattle) label founded by Aaron Simpson. Simplify is a multi-genre label focusing on everything from Drum and Bass to Electro. It has been a pleasure working with simplify, and we hope to do more work with them in the future.

3. How were you first introduced to electronic music?

For me (Kevin) i was into music like Depeche Mode, and Nine inch nails early on, and have always liked the electronic element provided by groups like that. I went to my first rave in 1999, and fell in love with what was going on there. I started Dj’ing in late 2000, and it slowly developed into what we are doing now. It was a natural progression.

4. Is there a central theme or certain ideas you are going for with American Werewolf?

I think our central theme is to make music that we like. We are definitely a product of our influences, but ultimately it’s just fun to do and we love synthesizers.

5. What are some of your plans for 2010?

You can expect some genre-bending from American Werewolf in 2010… Nothing is out of the question. We are also starting a series of events dedicated to live electronic acts, and the first one will be held at Space in Seattle on May 28th… find us on Facebook/Myspace for more info (shameless plug)

DJ Phantom