“Yeah I guess you could say it’s a side project. I kind of riffed on the name LZR MTN my friend came up with. The idea would be dance music based on Star Trek. Boogie on the Battlebridge is based on the thing they command the enterprise from when they separate the main dish from the rest of the ship. Glam’hadar is a riff on the scary guys from Deep Space 9 the Jem’Hadar. The Prophets are gods from DS9 and the Fire Caves are where the demons live, so when I named the song Fire Caves I decided it should have “fuck da prophets” in there somewhere.

The inspiration is I’m studying to be an electronic engineer, so I spend a fuckton of time sitting in front of my computer doing math homework. While I’m doing that I watch 10+ episodes of star trek a day. So, it kind of came together.

I’m mostly using an old analog Yamaha synth and free music editing software to make it.”


DJ Phantom