One of the most solid, mature and sexy posts for Disco Droppings- Tom & Zip are taking you back to the classroom..The masterful Brodinski has been driving clubs wild with Homework’s upcoming song “Fissa Tune”, and they have kindly agreed to do this feature for my blog!

The Laughing Heart Mixtape (Mixed By Homework) by Homework

Brodinski playing our track ‘Fissa Tune’ at Winter Music Conference 2010 in Miami, Florida:


1. How were you two first introduced to electronic music?

We work in a record store, so that more or less presented us to a gold mine of electronic music. In the beginning we were both very much interested in so called ‘intelligent dance music’ and we still like to listen to music from artists like Aphex Twin, Boards Of Canada and Autechre. Via producers like Jeff Mills, Kraftwerk, Biosphere and others we started to touch on all different grounds of electronic music.
When we began dj-ing we started with mostly electro, but through the years that changed into… well, you can call it contemporary house music.

2. The strong House vibe running through your music is superb! How has your music-making process progressed up to now?

Tom has been producing off and on since 2001. Going through different genres and styles. But dj-ing brought us to the music we produce nowadays. That’s a natural process, because the music that you play is the music that you love and, as an artist, you always try to give your own flavour to what you hear from your idols. Most of the time, you hear something amazing from another artist and you think ‘Wow, I wish I could do that too!’ Most of the time you can’t, haha. I’m not saying one tries to copy something from another artist, but it’s funny that you can make something original by pursuing an unobtainable goal.

3. How would you describe the music coming out of the Netherlands?

Well, of course there’s a lot of Dutch House coming from Holland, from the likes of Gregor Salto, Afrojack and Franky Rizardo. The funny thing is that that kind of bouncy, booty house is considered to be quite commercial in Holland. While people seem to absolutely adore it outside of our country! It probably influenced a lot of foreign artists. When we have artists over from f.i. France they always tell us Dutch House is really big there.

We ourselves have left Dutch House behind in a sense. We’re playing lots of house and tech-house stuff from producers like Tim Green, Jesse Rose, Renaissace Man, Uner & Coyu, etc.

4. What’s in the works for Homework in 2010?

We’re working on getting our original material released!
There’s been some hype surrounding our track Fissa Tune, which Brodinski seems to play in literally every set.
So expect those tracks to hit very very soon!

DJ Phantom