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All the way from Cologne, Germany.

This be the good shit people damnn!

Give It To Me.mp3

Lets Rock The Party (Zero Cash Remix).mp3


1. How were you introduced to electronic music?

I started listening to electronic music with 13 years in the early nineties.
During this time i got really flashed by the rocking noises of 303’s and all
the other acid-machines. I bought as much records with these “new” sound
and started Djing and producing, because I felt in love with the idea of
making a record without having a band.

2. How has your music creation process developed over time? Sound like your having a lot of fun!

The creation process totally changed over the years. When I started doing electronic music, nobody used a computer. Just step-sequenced drumcomputers and synths. So, you had to finish your song before you turned of your gear because most of the machines were not able to save/store any data. Each song was a live recording. Today, the computer is almost the heart of my studio. Besides some machines I still use like the Elektron Monomachine, Roland Tr-707 and some other analog synths, everything comes into and out of the computer. So, because the ability of saving songs and total-recall, the songs get more detailed and worked out. Most of the time it’s good to work like this, but sometimes you create more “special moments” when you create the songs live.

3. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

I like tracks from Siriusmo, Hey Today!, Louis la Roche, Flying Lotus, Anti-Pop Consortium, Clark, Mr.Oizo, Light Year, Xinobi….

4. What is the electronic scene like in your area?

Cologne is still a little bit minimal infected which is not really my taste, but
there are some promoters starting party’s with a bigger variety. I would say the scene is not really great! 😉

5. Your “Fuck The Money EP” has just been released, how would describe this collection of songs?

The three songs should represent some styles I like. So they are not really homogenic but I think my “sound” brings them together to something that makes sense as an ep. I wanted a collection of tracks which rock at the club and also work good at home.

Fuck the Money EP (Minimix) by Zero Cash

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