Played on Kissy Sell Out’s radio show! Gettin’ funky

Supported by DJ Zinc, Jason Nevins, Jelo, The Plump DJ’s, Lee Mortimer, DJ Bam Bam, Kissy Sell Out, Jaimie Fanatic, A1 Bassline +++

” Teaming up with the mighty Calvertron, and after much blood, sweat and tears, they laid down the track ‘Up n Down’, phat disco loops fused with sick basslines cuts.

It came about from following each other musical styles for the past 10 years, and taking each others sound and wedging into one collaboration..”- N-Ton

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The Mighty Calvertron whips together this filthy mash up of a previous Jack Knife 003 Doggy Style, Missy Elliot & Ace Of Space——

Doggy Mash.mp3

Calverton returns to my blog once again!

DJ Phantom