It is Friday! Slappin’ Plastic is here to make sure you’ve got the energy for the weekend.

3 sizzlin’ mash-ups

what? let me back up, bitch (Slappin’ Plastic Mash-up).mp3

5 minutes of fury (Slappin’ Plastic Mash-up).mp3

let me be bouncin on the planet rock.mp3

Slappin Plastic May 2010 Promo Mix by SLAPPIN-PLASTIC


1. Intro (Slappin Plastic Mashup)
2. Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup – We Speak No Americano
Salt N Pepa – Push It (Benson Remix/Mashup)
3. Unknown Artist?? – White Label.
Doo Doo Dance feat. Spoek&Gnucci Banana (Acapella) – Original Mix
(Slappin-Plastic Mashup)
4. Play Paul – Tijuana Trumpets Of Lust Acidkids Remix VS
Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp – GameBoy Gamegirl
(Slappin Plastic Mashup)
5. Mylo – In My Arms (Dave Winnel 2010 Bootleg)
6. Miami Horror ft. Sophie Brous – Sometimes (Hook & Sling Remix)
VS Pulpo De Agua feat. Sharif D – Original Mix
(Slappin Plastic Mashup)
7. let me work it – Brain Matters
8. Sidney Samson feat. Lady Bee & Bizzey –
Come On Let’s Go (PH Electro Remix)

Bangkock Vs Satisfaction (Slappin Plastic Mash Up) by SLAPPIN-PLASTIC


1. Whatsup Pat! How long have you been Dj’ing/Producing?

What up Trev, I have been djing for about 5 years, I learnt on belt drivin “American DJ” turntables haha, ridiculous…started producing halfway through last year and took a more serious approach to the whole package at the start of 2010.

2. What was your introduction to electronic music? An specific shows or moments when you know it would be your thing?

I started wanting to be a DJ after seeing the DJ from 28days scratching on videohits…strangely enough, and so I began the journey from hip hop to breaks to house music.

3. What’s the electronic music scene like in your part of Australia? I’m a huge fan of Brain Matters and the Trouble Agency crew…

It is massive!!! Everyone is a DJ in Sydney, it’s crazy. The scene here is really growing into something huge and spreading even to the small towns out west. Yeah, Brain Matters and the Trouble Agency are the tits!!

4. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

Of course, dav Winnel, Benson and Northie (NXE), Word!

It’s hard to say I guess it’s always changing, my all time favourite artist would have to include arrested development, bombfunk mcs, krafty kuts, kid kenobi, D Cup, Wolfgang Gartner, and the notorious Spice Girls but the list goes on.

5. What are your plans for the rest of 2010?

I have a bunch of gigs lined up at a few clubs and events around the Sydney area that I’m really exited about, releasing my first official remix for Count Effectz soon and just overall working on my production and Djing in general.

+++++One of Sydney’s finest House Music Radio Sessions. Every Friday night, fREW and The astronaught (ocassionally DAVE WINNEL) take your ears to another galaxy from 9:00 pm-10:30pm on 2SER, 107.3 FM. Playing the latest an most exhilarating house music known to mankind.

On the 5/14/2010 SLAPPIN PLASTIC will be appearing as the Guest DJ, so tune in and get involved in this amazing and unforgettable show!!!

DJ Phantom