Another fine group from Lithuania! Download these two tracks, read up on em’-get into it

Wave Machines – Keep The Lights On (Metal On Metal Remake) by Metal On Metal

Wild Beasts – We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues (Metal On Metal Remake) by Metal On Metal


1. How were you first introduced to electronic music?

Through erotic movies, which we were watching as teenagers. And through KLF circa 1991.

2. How has your music-making process developed over time?

We became faster. The first song, we recorded it in half a year. Now it usually takes up two weeks for a remake. Hopefully, one day we’ll be as productive as Kris Menace.
Also, we bought some good machines. Use it how you like it, but computer is not enough.

3. Currently, who are some of your favorite artists?

New ones: Gonjasufi, Sambassadeur, Kindness, John Grant, Four Tet, Theopilus London

Old ones we’re re-listening right now: Rodriguez, Roxy Music, Roedelius, Donovan

4. What are you most excited to work on in 2010?

We’ve just finished new Wild Beasts remake for “We Still Got The Taste Dancing On Our Tongues”, we’re mastering two others – new song for Lost Valentinos & new one for Bear In Heaven. The second part of the year will be massive. Plus, we’re working on our second EP due in winter, 2010.

5. What would you say to anyone interested in going after their musical interests?

You’ll rot in hell, if you deceive the music you love and go on to make something which is “hot/in/fashionable”. Be warned!

DJ Phantom