Been waiting a while to bring this to you guyz!

The sounds coming out of the Netherlands-mmmmmmm!

It’s Like That (Grand J RMX).mp3

Blackbody Spectrum (Grand J RMX).mp3


1. What do you love about music?

Well, what is there not to love about music? To give a counter-question. The world would be a pretty boring place without it. For me, it’s my life, my work and my sorrow. I can’t imagine a day where I don’t have the need to create sounds or sampling the hell out of an old record and turn it into something completely new. It’s exploring without limitations and I guess that’s the core of music evolution.

2. You Netherlands people are just magical, the music coming out of there is so free and confident (The Century, Rubix; also featured on Disco Droppings)…how do you feel about the music coming out of your area?

First of all, thank you for the big compliment, but I don’t think it’s the Netherlands in particular. A lot of European countries produce big-time talents. Artists that also inspire us to create “new” music. I think it’s the outcome of the multicultural environment we live in. But besides that, I think the music produced in this area is great. Not all of it of course, but definitely the artists you mention, which I happen to know very well!

3. What do you use for your productions/live shows?

When I produce music I use whatever suits the song or my workflow at that time. I’m a big fan of Ableton Live, cause it let’s you handle and tweak samples in a fast and intuitive way. And what I really love about this software is that it feels very simple, but never seems to exceed my creative needs.

To record vocals or instruments I always use ProTools and for longer arrangements, like scoring a video game or a movie I use Apple’s Logic. Besides that I have tons of plug-in instruments and sound-library’s to create whatever I like.

4. Who are some of your favorite current artists?

This is the part where I promote my friends I guess, because I’m more busy making music than listening to it. If you turn on my Ipod it’s probably pumping some old skool favorites like “Ice Cube”, “Dr. Dré”, “George Clinton” or just some grunge bands from the Seattle area 😉 I like a lot of music; it’s never only just one genre.

But If I have to mention some music from out the area it’s gonna be, Concubine, Phonic Funk, Shook, Henzel&Disco Nova, Gourillia Speakers, Rubix, Don Diablo, Junkie XL, Dj Mehdi, Nobody beats the drum, Krause, Noisia, O.J. Symstem, FS Green, Mar, Full Crate, Andras Caron, Auxilary the mstrfdr, The Century, Estaw, Bastian, and a lot more if you check out there myspace’s friends links.

5. What is Grand Jackson planning for 2010?

I’m not so much of a planning person as it comes to my own music, I hope to come up with a great album this year, but you can’t force creativity, I learned that the hard way!


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