From Double Oh No to a double blog feature..

Take a ride with Sao Paulo’s house duo, Database.

A crisp, tight, fun package of electro, house and french pop thrown in for that extra touch.

I like that it very danceable, and also has verses, melodies and swirling vocals, coaxing you to get movin’.

Since 2005 they have been causing dance frenzies in their home area of Brazil. Since their “Miami EP”, released in 2008 on Southern Fried Records (with collab. from Bonde Do Role!), they have quickly risen to huge status in Brazil, and received thumbs up from Radio One’s Annie Mac and Jaymo & Andy George!


1. When were you two first introduced to electronic music?

6 Years ago… we use to do the college film school partys here in são paulo

NASA – A Volta (Database remix) by database

2. You’re from Sao Paulo, I’d love to visit sometime! What’s the electronic scene like in your area?

You should come sometime, the scene here is one of the biggest in the world, you can find clubs with electronic music everyday and we have a HUGE nightlife. I’m glad we have that so we really can make money from music in brazil.

3. Your songs showcase strong, full production. It’s got that extra kick. What’s your production process like? How has it developed since you first got things going?

We both always like to test new synths and new things for the remixes and singles…we work together, but Yuri has more experience with it.

The BPA aka Fatboy Slim – Toe Jam (Database Dub Remix) by database

4. I’m from Seattle, have you guys made it out to the west coast of the United States? LA maybe? What’s your experience been like in America with your group, Database?

We went to the west cost, played in LA, San diego and San Francisco. Playing in America is really good, everyone is really into the music, so its a pleasure to play in the U.S. always.

5. As a listener so far, you two exude a lot of energy, a fresh perspective..what kind of impression would you like to leave with your art?


Gemini Club – Mary’s Day (Database Remix) by database

6. What would you to the youngsters like me, just getting into this big, electronic world as a producer/DJ etc.?

You have to be patient and try hard.

+ To tie in with this post I have a Database remix by MMMatthias! His dark alleyway take on the originally sexy tune is an interesting contrast – I like! Glad to have MMMatthias back on Disco Droppings.

Database – Miami (MMMatthias 1981 Remix).mp3


1. How did you get turned onto Database? What kind of feel were you going for with your remix of “Miami”?

We got in contact due to our former booker, who was supposed to plan their Europe tour, which didn’t work out unfortunately. I wanted to give the remix the feeling of the “not so nice”-side of miami, because all tracks about Miami are “party & sunshine”…but Miami is also a pretty nasty city.

2. What do you got going on for the rest of the year?

Just singed another EP on German Traktor Records…details soon 🙂

Ride the wavves,

DJ Phantom