Welcome back R1 Ryders! After 2009’s Burnout EP, these guys have put together a fine follow-up. Pushing the sound known as Funkitek – which wields together House, Jungle, Hardcore and Rave sounds, R1 Ryders present this 4-Track EP….here’s a preview

The track “Hydraulic” has been heard in DJ sets by L-Vis 1990, Brodinski and Ikonika!



Jumpin’ around a bit! Afropunk makes her way back to Disco Droppings with a string of new music – she’s goin’ for it !!

Hit this tiger wood (AFROPUNK REMIX) by afropunkno1


1. How’s the music been going for you lately?

The music is going great, I’m currently working with some very cool people on the London scene, I am doing a track with illaman(tombcrew) which is going to be sick, he is an amazing mc and the track is gonna be banging really excited about this one…I’m also just finished a collab with an American rapper called Dr. Mario, he’s great he just put a vocal on a track of mine called “Miracle’ its actually very “pop” but its got some soul to it, its defo one for the dancefloors, its gonna be a crossover track (I hope) for both the underground and more commercial audience, got some amazing up and comin producers doing remixes for that, a guy called “Rough Draft” from Canada, as usual im still djing ,as you know just dropped the latest mix, “THE GOLD ELEPHANT” its a complete mash up of bass genres, I really wanted to push the barrier with this one so I threw caution to the wind and just went all in..

THE GOLD ELEPHANT by afropunkno1

2. Favorite artists at the moment?

My fav artists at the moment would have to be this guy “Rough Draft”, from the underground scene, he is killing it. Over here in London I’m loving TOMB CREW, a DJ duo who are smashing it, there everywhere at the moment and they deserve it, just saw them do a set at “FABRIC” at the drop the lime party, it was crazy.. more commercial but still killing it is “LA RIOTS” he is banging out some serious remixes, ALSO cant forget my girl “KATY B” she is causing some serious talks.. just broke through into the top 5 official charts, which gives me hope that people are starting to recognize good music needs to be supported by actually buying the music…


Aye carumba,
DJ Phantom