ok. I have a few videos from last Saturday’s 7 Deadly show on Capitol Hill.

WD4D – you.are.wonderful , love the LA beat scene representation..and pretty much all the songs you played and the way you played them.

in the nick of time, John Backstrom brought his visual wonders to the show – thankyouthankyouthankyou – please check out this video of his, as well as this link to his vimeo page 🙂

COP’S OMEN (2008-2009) from John Backstrom on Vimeo.

We had some live painting from Everett artist Brian Sanchez (picture coming soon)..I forgot about posting my interview with him before the show (ooopsss) so just picture yourself back in time about 3 days, reading up on Brian Sanchez, taking in his art and getting ready to sweat at the Healthy Times show..

picture it.


1. Do you listen to music while you create your pieces? What music artists match your creative flow?

I do listen to a wide variety of music when I paint. Lately I have been listening to a lot of The Galactic Federation Of Light, Anklepants, Joan As Police Woman, The Drums, The Flying Burrito Brothers, and a bunch of other random stuff. I have been into some real mellow stuff as well. The more up an down the music the better. I like being hyped one minute then being completely bummed the next. It makes the work reflect each of my moods.

2. You’ll be a part of the 7 Deadly Records show at the Healthy Times Fun Club this you have any ideas about what you’ll be creating?

Basically, for the live painting I plan to prepare a wood panel with an array of colors and shapes and just whatever feels and looks good as a background. At the show I will be doing the line work. I’ve been into super contrasty illustration lately, so there will be a lot of black. Pretty much trapping as much of the color as I can, but isolating it to each individual character or object. Then filling all the space between with black. It’s tough to word it, but when it’s finished it makes sense. To me.

3. Along with this upcoming show, you’ll be providing artwork for the upcoming Sphyramid & Deepearth.void release for 7 Deadly Records, how is that coming along? Have you done much collaborations with artists in this way?

The record sleeves are going to be super cool, I am excited to experiment with a different methods to make each one different. I have not collaborated as much as I’d like too, I don’t know too many people that paint regularly. the people I do know who paint are rad and I look forward to doing projects with them in the near future. Richie Owen, Mike Albanese, Noel Sinclair Boyt, and a few others. Being a father limits my time away from home so I mostly paint alone through the night. I love thinking I am the only person in my building awake and being productive. It motivates me for some reason. I can’t forget BAIR FORCE, my neighbors Madeline Chadwick and Alex Campion are maniacs, I love them.

4. Your pieces are inspired mostly by the city of Everett yah? What about this city keeps your mind running with new inspirations?

A lot of my work is inspired by my surroundings, which happens to be Everett. It’s not so much the city, but the people who occupy it that are interesting to me. Everett is really small, but has so many random lurkers roaming the streets on a daily basis. If you drive down broadway and look around you’ll see my characters everywhere. I find a face, I draw it, and while I am drawing it I kind of make up a story and a name for this person. Not a judgment or assumption of any sort but a very personal rendition of what could be going through there heads. Many of them seem to be bummed or down and out. Which is a feeling we all can relate to, but some have to much dignity to let it show. Others say “fuck it” and let themselves go completely and those are the dudes I am interested in. The guys who don’t care what anyone thinks, not some soccer mom giving me a funny look at the park. The suburbs are a very weird and twisted place and it’s fun to draw humor from it and poke at how important people think they are. It’s more then that, but whatever I don’t usually talk about this subject, I just like to draw stuff I think is meaningful or funny.

5. Any last words?

VIC’S MARKET, vart, and Charlie Sweatshirt.


Mac (Sphyramid), great live show as usual and thanks for all the pre-show help. Anyone who helped promote in some way, thank you very much! THANK YOU HEALTHY TIMES. Live Animals, thanks for playing.