It’s about to get very interactive up in this houssssssssse. My friend Rani and I have organized an art and music showcase, happening at the Vera Project, tonight from 7-9PM.

For 2 hours you can witness the art literally covering the Vera walls, provided by the very intriguing Paper Marbles. Not only can you marvel at his stuff, you can make your own. Bring your paint, brushes, crayons (we will have some..) and work on a piece that will be hung at Seattle Center! This show is meant to be interactive, the only pieces hung will be those made on the spot as part of this event yo. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy, live music will be provided by Friends and Family, IG88, myself (DJ Phantom) and Sphyramid.

The Vera Project
305 Harrison St. (The Corner of Warren Ave N. and Republican at Seattle Center)
Seattle, WA


I got a small interview with Paper Marbles, get to know em’.


1. Do you listen to music while you draw your pieces?

Yes… Yes I do. What I’m listening to normally reflects how or what I’m feeling, which in turn is generally what gets slapped onto the canvas. I like to keep the same playlist rolling throughout each piece in order to keep the mood and feel of the work consistent and focused…

2. You’ll be showcasing your art at the Vera Project tonight, how did this come about? What will the process be for getting your work up for everyone to see?

I’m actually finishing a Mural at the Vera Project on Thursday for part of their new mural program. I got an email out of the blue back in the spring – a kind of invite to propose an idea, and jumped on it. Something about my babbling on about my idea worked I guess.

The process and the work is the fun part… Since the original proposal, the idea has morphed, and been fine tuned a bit – sketched, re-sketched, measurements taken… details. As far as the actual painting/mural goes, I’ll be painting at the Vera as much as I can in these next few days leading up to the event and also throughout the night of it as well; I’m also working on some other elements of it in my “off-time.” But in true artist fashion, I’m sure I’ll be working up until the bitter end to squeeze this thing out just in time.

3. How would you describe the styles and themes within PaperMarbles?

My work is a product of years of being influenced by comics, cartoons (80’s/early 90’s cartoons, not this janky, glittery churched up BS you see on tv now), graffiti, and countless hours of drawing my daydreams.

I don’t have a formula for ideas or anything, I normally approach each piece separately, and whatever it is I feel like painting, whether I think its funny, something clever, or something I feel like getting off my chest is what ends up coming out. Each piece normally takes off in its own direction, and ends up where it needs to be in the end – even if it’s not how it was planned… I like to make things bold, full of color, and to be slightly off kilter to what you would call normal or expect.

4. Any last words?

Brush your teeth…and never forget TJ…

See yah in Seattle tonight, time to work on my set..mwahahahaha