The Australians are at it again! Producers Valency & Zuology team up and deliver the electro rhythms. Give these 3 songs a listen, read a bit, enjoy.

P.S. here’s a preview of their new track, I am hooking you guys up 🙂
V&Z – We Are Gathered [Preview] by V&Z, Valency & Zuology


1. What do you love about electronic music?

V: The diversity of EDM is unparalleled in any other genre. Whether you’re just
listening to something in a single genre like electro, or another somewhat
related genre like progressive house, or even something as crazy as hardcore, no
matter what you listen to, there’s always got a wealth of styles within that genre
that keeps it from ever sounding stale.

Z: What I love about EDM is the great variety of sounds that are produced and
the great ability there exists to tweak and refine sounds. For example you can
take a cool guitar riff and use distortion on it to make a totally new sound. We
are always looking to make newer and dirtier sounds with every track we make!

2. What’s the electronic community like in AUS?

V: We’re lucky to have quite a lot of support for EDM in Australia. With what
feels like a major festival every month (some might argue that we have too many
festivals), and many of the world’s biggest names making it down here for these,
it can feel like we’re a little spoiled sometimes. However, on the other hand,
because it’s such an investment to fly an artist all the way here, we often don’t
get some of the smaller up and comers because they can be a risk for
promoters, as they might not draw enough of a crowd, which is a shame because
the up and comers are often doing the most innovative things.

Z: I think Valency pretty much got the jist of it but basically its great to also see
that a number of clubs as well as communities really get into the electronic
dance scene and i hope it continues to grow.

V&Z – Out of Order by V&Z, Valency & Zuology

3. When did you first start producing? Is your style much different know from when you first began?

V: I started producing with FL Studio about 3 years ago, teaching myself on
and off, but I’ve only really begun to take production relatively seriously for the
past year or so. I started with the intent of producing hardstyle, but have slowly
grown more distant to that genre, and drawn further towards electro. I still use
FL Studio, it gets a bad rap but I’m a firm proponent of the “it’s not the tools
themselves, but how you use them.” philosophy.

Z: I started producing for fun nearly 2 years ago but have only become more
seriously involved in the last year. Unlike Valency, I use Ableton Live 8. Some
people think it must be difficult for people with different DAWs to collaborate
but we make it work very well. Ive always wanted to create heavy, grungy electro
but when I first started I didn’t know what I was doing and ended up making
more cheesy electro remixes. Now that I have progressed more, I am better able
to create the sounds I want and thus, the music I want.

4. Favorite producers at the moment?

V: I’m drawn toward producers that have an exceptional standard of sound
quality, yet also do things a little differently. A few favourites are Fake Blood,
Wolfgang Gartner, Sound of Stereo and Foamo.

Z: I have respect artists who stay true to their style and just generally make me
want to go crazy and dance! some of my favourite producers at the moment are
Dirty Disco Youth, Wolfgang Gartner and Skrillex.

GSUS! ft. Snob ES – Beatgrinder (V&Z Remix) by V&Z, Valency & Zuology

5. Any last words?

V: Keep an eye out for our first release Azzido Da Bass – Music for Bagpipes
(V&Z Remix), to be released on November 5th 2010 on Oh My God It’s Techno Music Records
(Available on beatport etc.), and lookingtowards the future, our other hard hitting productions!

Z: As V mentioned we have our first release coming soon! We are also currently
working on our first EP and some remixes for competitions, so keep your ears posted!

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