ok people. this is a fiery track. Lots of support from me on this Data Junkies remix! If you’re likin it..pick it up on soundcloud

BetatraXx-Drug Abuse (Data Junkies Remix) by Data Junkies

Here’s a tiny interview with Data Junkies..

“This remix is for a remix contest hosted by the group BetatraXx for their release Drug Abuse. I came across it and put in 14 hours on this remix the first day I started working on it. I did all of the production in Reason 4 and then once finished did a little mastering in Ableton. I feel like finishing this track was a big step for me from a production standpoint because I have a bad habit of starting a project and moving on to the next before i finish. Listening now there’s already so many things I wish I could add or make cooler but all in all i’m pretty happy with the track. Just hope everyone likes it and it does well in the contest.

My name is Nick Fisher and I’m 21 years old. I’ve been producing electronic music for almost 3 years now. I work as a Sound Engineer at a venue downtown called the King Cat Theater. I started out making more down tempo and trip hop style songs under the alias Obscura. The compilation ed rec. vol 2 is what totally changed my tastes and ambitions in music production. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Skrillex (duh), Wolfgang Gartner, Bassnectar, Dirtyloud, Porter Robinson, Alex Mind & Far Too Loud (I could go on for awhile so i’ll just stop there). I’m hoping to release an EP soon containing 4 electro/dubstep tracks and one remix (not this one lol). In the meantime I’m just trying to play some more shows.”

Go get em’ Nick.