time to slow things down.. let’s be sexy now.

This World Soundcloud Beat Battle 9 – SeePM 1 by SeePM

hailing from London, groove with SeePM..ahh soo excited about this one..


1. This be some super funky stuff! How do you harness that fresh breezy mentality?

Possibly because making it puts me in such a good mood. I think it’s impossible to be unhappy while producing a funk tune. My background is in jazz and improvisation – so the way I make stuff is to just jam to a beat or a sample until something sticks. It’s a lot of fun and I hope that comes across in the sound.

2. What show first got you real excited to become a producer?

Hard to say really. I first started making tunes when I was 14 on a Technics midi sequencer keyboard I bought after we had used them in some classes at school. Real cheesy shit. But I guess I really started to focus on making music properly last year when I saw Hudson Mohawke support Prefuse 73 in Islington. That shit blew my mind – it was at the time of his Polyfolk Dance EP and I had never heard that off beat ‘beats’ sound before (I know, I’m a proper late comer). So I just thought, ‘I’ve got to try and make stuff like this’.

*for those who arent familiar with Prefuse and Hudson..

3. Some of these tunes sound like epic movie soundtracks..any films that inspire SeePM?

More video games than films actually. The Final Fantasy series for example – those soundtracks are amazing.

4. Did it take a while to develop such an expansive sound?

Well it has never really been a conscious thing, so I’m not sure. But my mum is a pianist so I was brought up on a lot of classical music at home and at school. I guess that in some part might have influenced the sounds I choose and the way I arrange them. But I’m definitely still developing.

Bike Boogy Take 1 (Rough Version) by SeePM

SeePM – Bears Eat Beats (SCBB7) by SeePM

5. Have you done many collaborations? How have these differed from SeePM?

Yeah. I love to collab, it’s a lot of fun. I’ve been making music with a friend from uni for a while now under the name of Bohko. It’s a lot more chilled out and electronic than the stuff I do on my own. Plus Joe is a genius at making all the subtle textural glitchy sounds that add a whole new level to the sound. We have recently put out a free EP called Sulis, which you can check here:


I’ve also done a few bits with some MCs. Here’s a tune I did with Ax Butane:


It’s still uncompleted, but Ax’s flow is always on point.

6. For those young producers out there like myself, what’s kept you going as an artist? What do you say to the ones who are really excited to produce, but haven’t gotten their sound quite yet?

Stay excited. I mean I feel like I’m still finding my sound, but the reason my music sounds the way it does is because of how much fun it is to make. I think it was Flying Lotus that said in an interview a while back that he is never happier than when he is in the lab making beats. I’d agree with that.

7. Any last words?

Thanks to you and anyone else that takes the time to check out my music.

Also writing this prompted me to put on Polkdadot Blues (from Polyfolk Dance) again, so thanks. I’m at work and it’s lunchtime in the office – I’m now nodding like crazy by myself.

Robin Squirrel Blackbird by SeePM