I met Henry (Shlohmo) at Decibel Festival 2010..he had just played his set for the Modeselektor/Mount Kimbie showcase at Neumos. This a 21+ show, he is not 21..so he was outside once his performance was over..so lame! BUT, I wouldn’t have been able to talk to him for a bit, and now, bring you this blog post, so here’s to that!

Artist: Shlohmo | Song: Sippy Cup by Disco Droppings

I like his loose, spaced-out way of putting music together..


1. Is there a certain kind of theme or idea your developing with Shlohmo?

no, it just gets weirder as time goes on.

2. My friends and I are moving ourselves into the Seattle music scene, especially for electronic music I think it’s right on the edge of really coming together..what would you suggest to young producer/Dj’s like myself, being in an area where electronic music isn’t fully developed and embraced (like LA)?

just keep doin your thing. get weird. keep it truth. don’t try to blend in or make something because you think it’ll be perceived well. make shit for yourself but keep going to shows and get inspired. i dunno, if the scene’s small enough, eventually you start to meet people. i dunno if there’s a set of rules for this one. just keep doin what you do and the rest will follow if it’s meant to happen.

Artist: Jed and Lucia | Song: April Showers (Shlohmo Remix) by Disco Droppings

3. Within the beat scene music their are so many little things to listen to, lots of crumpling, bubbling, squeezing and such..when it comes to the atmosphere in the your songs, how do they come together? Is it lots of effects going and just listening for the weird sounds to come out?

a lot of field recording. i barely even use digital elements or samples anymore. i end up sampling myself. looking for weird sounds that i like in random objects on my desk. i just build on shit until the song sounds like a complete object to me. or the opposite, depending on what i’m going for.

4. Who are some artists from different genres that you feel you have a connection with? People with a similar mindset that just comes out in a very different style of music..

nite jewel, lil b, how to dress well, dog bite. a lot of different shit. i definitely listen to that shit now more than any beat stuff.

5. What’s the best show you’ve been to in the past 6 months? What really stood out to you?

fuck. i played with mount kimbie again down in LA, 2 days after decibel. best show i’ve seen in a long time. it was in a theater with a big ass movie screen behind the performers and my friend Strangeloop was doing visuals. it was just the perfect setting for that kind of music. and their set really fucked up my head. made me want to start all over again.