This guy’s been very excited to dish his music out to all ya’ll on Disco Droppings..I’m happy to introduce him!

Here’s a thick, textured track from Lockbox’s free album

Artist: Lockbox | Song: Trade Winsd by Disco Droppings

..and a link to the whole shbang..


1. What got you interested in producing?

Hmmm, well I’ve always made music since I was a wee one. I got into “experimental” music when I was in sixth grade, so I tried to mimic the stuff I was hearing. I heard dudes like Lighting Bolt and Black Dice, and instantly felt a connection. .I got some distortion pedals, synths, trash cans, and just started recording stuff into garbageband. That stuff was terrible and will never be released haha. But I just kept experimenting and trying new styles. I had some rapper friends who wanted beats, so I made a couple and it ended up being what I really enjoyed making. Then I started chatting with Jeff ( and we started blogging together. That’s why I got really into production, because of all my soundcloud homies who are constantly challenging and innovating the standard Hip Hop sound.

Untitled Tape 3 by Lockbox

2. There’s a pretty big love for electronic in Denver right now yah? Do you have a group of local artists you enjoy seeing / playing shows with?

Eh I’ve found some cool stuff. My boy Dailon is dope, and so is .anansi and the whole New Sound Collective. But there are a lot of shit clubs playing shit hard house. Like with any music scene its about who you know. I cant stand that stuff. But it’s going to be the next LA for sure.

Hunting Magic by Lockbox

3. I like the weird loops you have going, has your music always come out like this?

I suppose so. I’m a drummer so I like lots of percussion. Its fun to layer as much as possible and have it sound good. I’m all about the textures. I like making shit that’s really short so I can squeeze as much out of it as possible. To me a one minute beat with seven thousand flowing textures beats any epic solo.

Untitled Tape 2 by Lockbox

4. With this year coming to end, how do you feel you’ve developed as an artist in 2010. Any new projects coming together next year?

2010 is the year that music went from being my casual hobby to being my passion. I got really involved with Fog Rattle and have made the coolest producer friends. I’m in for the long haul.

Damn, new projects. So many. I’m writing a comic book, doing Fog Rattle trading cards, writing an acoustic album, finishing up my VHS album, doing some freaky pop stuff, collabs collabs collabs. 2011 is the year Fog Rattle is going to blow the fuck up. Watch out haha.

5. What’s the best encouragement you’ve gotten as an artist?

I once talked to Black Monk for two hours on Facebook. It was awesome to have a guy who was there at the very beginning of all this dig on my tunes and give me advice. I’ve found most “big” producers are dick hats, but not him. He was cooool as hell. The support from my fellow beat heads is what keeps me going though. Too many to name. There wouldn’t be Lockbox without all those dudes.